On her way home shola pondered about everything that happened during the day, things had been so weird and she wondered if going back to school being in a new environment was actually a good idea, why did they all look at her like they saw a ghost? I mean it just didn’t make any sense

“how was your day” grandma said drawing her out of thoughts

“it was fine” shola said trying not to worry her grandmother, she had been through a lost trying to protect her from the big bad world and everything in it

“you must tell me if anything is wrong, do you hear me?”

“yes ma” shola smiled trying to put her grandmother at ease, it was funny how the older people try getting strict and commanding when they are scared or worried about something, I mean she could just show her fear that she has let her granddaughter into the big bad world and there is not somuch she can do to protect her.

The rest of the day went as fast as it could, immediately shola got home she had her launch and went to bed. Things around the house had change ever since she came back and it became worse after her parent’s drama, the house had become silent and more vigilant and they lived more on set routines, the same thing over and over again. Wake up, eat, school, eat sleep. The house had lost its fun and spontaneity.

The next morning came and the same routing started all over again with her having her breakfast and her grandmother walked her to school with her eyes nothing leaving shola, she watched her as a mother hen will watch her hen in suspicion that the hawk might be around somewhere.

Getting to school the side talks and awkward stared didn’t stop but shola had promised herself that she wasn’t going to pay attention to any of them. She got to the class and sat comfortably at her chair she noticed that the teacher still trembled at her presence, so she decided to have a little fun with him and stare him down.

“goo goo good morning class” the teacher stammered

“good morning sir” the whole class echoed

“how was your night?”

“it was fine sir” the whole class echoed it felt like the morning greeting was kind of a ritual which was well rehearsed and they all perfected it. The class went on with the teacher trying his possible best to ignore and avoid eye contact with shola.

Then came the break time, a lot of the children went out to go and play, but shola just sat in the class brought out the launch that her grandmother prepared for her, but before she could dig in and enjoy her launch a voice interrupted from behind.

“so how was it like to be kidnapped?”

“hmm? What?” she said as she faced the girl who owned the voice

“what was it like being kidnapped, shebi you were the one that was kidnapped na, by your teacher”

“who told you about that?”

“it’s everywhere na, the put your picture everywhere when they were looking for you”

Shola just stared at her having no words to say, so that was why they were all staring at her like a ghost, this was not what she wanted, why she was happy to changing was so that she could avoid being labelled the kidnapped girl and for some reason which she couldn’t understand she felt like Mr Eze wasn’t fairly treated, to her he would have even been a better parent than her actual parents

“ehn what was it like?”

“dunno it was like being kidnapped”

“did he tie your hands and cover your mouth?”


“so he just left you like that free?” she asked surprised


“wait so why didn’t you run away?”

“because there was nowhere to run to and I did not know where we were”

“so how were you saved”

“my grandma came with the police”

“wow, where you scared?”

“yeah a little”

“why did he kidnap you? Are your family like really rich?”

What’s the deal with this girl and questions? Shola thought to herself why wouldn’t she let her be and why was she so curious, curiosity kills the cat, she wished this cat will just die.

The bell that’s signals that the break was over is what came to her rescue. The other students came trooping in and the teacher was ready to teach.

The day wasn’t as awkward as the day before, it seemed like they we all getting adjusted to having her around, the day came to a close and as she was ready to go home. Grandma was already at the gate prepared to take are home but she had to go back to class cos she had forgotten her launch box which still contained food all because of the girl that wouldn’t stop asking questions, as she got close to her class what she heard made her feet numb and she wasn’t able to walk

“how are you coping with that girl in your class”

“mehn it’s not easy, it’s like I’m seeing a ghost” her teacher replied to who he was talking to

“she looks so much like Eze, and the resemblance with Amaka is just troubling”

“you know what I think? I think the girl and Amaka are siblings, probably twins, that’s what caused Eze to kidnap her, cos Eze isn’t that kind of person”

“that doesn’t make sense”

“well what other explanation is there?”

“there is definitely more to the story”

Shola’s feet immediately gained strength and she immediately made her way back to her grandmother.


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