So a new journey begins. The same as the last time before the whole drama, a new school, new people and a new adventure. Shola scouted around the room which was used as the headmaster’s office. On the wall were pictures of students who were forced to take the photograph on particular boy looked like he had just finished crying. The headmaster’s table was scattered with papers all around and she watched as the roughly aged man scrambled through the table showing grandma trying to impress her. On the other hand, grandma looked non chalet, she just wanted her granddaughter to be in a school she can monitor. The headmaster was a member of grandma’s church, but she had ignored the school at first because she naturally didn’t like the headmaster, she felt he was a bit pretentious and thought of him more as a chameleon. But she was here now because of the high esteem the man held her too and wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.

“so sir, my child here does not go to any teacher’s house, she doesn’t go on any errand that is outside the school compound and most importantly no one comes to take her from school except me and that my boy, do you understand”

“ah yes ma, nothing like that happens here, you have nothing to be worried about” the man chuckled trying to make himself comfortable, it was clear that he found grandma intimidating

“ha sir, this is not a joke, because if I find out something otherwise, this place wouldn’t find it funny oo”

“okay ma, like I said you have nothing to worry about”

The way the man shivered in the presence of grandma gave Shola a sense of power, it felt like nothing could happen to her in this new school, she felt untouchable and this new school would be an easy ride as long as the headmaster feared her grandmother, everyone in the school was going to treat her right.

“let’s take you to your class” the headmaster said as he stood up from his chair”

The walked into the class room which had the lower part made of concrete and the upper of the building made of wood, this was a small school. The class was just made up of just 15 students who were just staring at Shola as if she was an alien from another planet and they were too star struck to say anything.

Shola walked into the class and took an empty sit with nobody still saying a word until the headmaster butted in

“won’t you guys welcome your new classmate?!”

“welcome!!” the whole class echoed

“oh you are welcome to our class” the class teacher said as if he just snapped out of a trance and trying to get a hang of reality.

“okay?” grand ma said with a stern on her face “shola dear I will come pick you later today”

“okay ma” shola said with fear in her voice as if she was trying to signal to her grandma not to leave her with these weird looking people. But grandma didn’t seem to get her signal, instead she just left without looking back but leaving the headmaster with a look of warning.

After the headmaster and grandma had left, the class just stayed silent for about five minutes with everyone just staring at shola in amazement. And then little side talks began to fly around.

“so shola will you come and introduce yourself to the class” the teacher finally said. How did the teacher know her name? her grandmother never mentioned her name neither did the headmaster and definitely not her so how did the hell did he know her name?

“shola I said won’t you like to come and tell the class about yourself?” the teacher said this time with a shaky smile on his face. Shola slowing stood up from her chair and walked to the front of the class

“my name is Shola Adeniyi”

And the awkward silence continued, and this time to all looked tense. What was wrong with these people? Why were they looking at her as if she was a ghost? Shola thought to herself as she gently made her way to her sit. How was she going to cope in this school? The school where everyone is acting like a zombie.

“okay class?” the teacher nervously said “what were we discussing?” he desperately searched the student for answers

“we were talking about prefix and suffix”

“okay good, lets continued”

The awkwardness continued for the whole day. But it seemed the classmates were beginning to come around as tie went by the awkward looks were becoming less and they began to talk more, it was like they were beginning to get used to the idea of her. The day was over and Shola was patiently waiting on her grandmother, grandma had promise to pick her up and since it was her first day she was sure she wasn’t going to miss it and maybe the people at the school were acting awkward because of the fear of grandma

“you look so much like her” a student said as she hurried out of the school gate.

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