“shola!!!, shola!!!” grandma called out

“yes ma” shola said as she rushed in almost grumbling to the ground

“take it easy young woman, do you want to injure yourself?”

“no ma”

“so here is the reason that I called, with all the drama going on with your parents, I’ve been wanting to ask which one of them would you prefer to stay with?”

“I don’t know, they never stop fighting and they always put me in the middle, grandma why can’t I just stay with you?”

“you can stay with me dear but sometimes it’s good for a child to grow up with her parents”

“I don’t know grandma; they can’t stand each other”

“so that’s why I asked, which of them do you wish to stay with?”

“I don’t know, If I stay with one the other will hate me”

“okay dear, go and eat your food, today we are going to look for a school for you, you cannot come and turn olodo in my house”

“what school am I going to be going to?”

“see child when we get there you will know”

They idea of a new school was very exciting, at least a change of drama was going to get her mind of the drama going on with her parents, shola thought to herself. She quickly fixed herself a bowl of cereal and quickly ravaged it. She going to her room spent about 10 minutes trying to find the perfect cloth to wear, she later settled with a harsh top and a black jean. She got to the sitting room signalling her grandmother that she was ready.

“omo, what kind of dressing is this” grandma said with disapproval written all over her face “why black black are you in a cult ni?”

“the top is harsh not black” shola protested

“better go and change it and put on something that has a bright colour”

And before shola could leave the room, there came a knock on the door, as shola was about to run towards the door to open it uncle tobi grabbed and restrained her

“shola stay away from the door” grandma said with caution

Shola wondered why her grandmother and uncle tobi were acting all crazy protective,

“why you dey run to door, you want make the kidnap you again ni”

Grandma slowly opened the door and it came to her surprise when she saw her lawyer in front of her door steps, grandma had never had any reason for a lawyer, the lawyer was assigned to her by a close friend of hers

“ha, coming in sir, hope no problem?”

“errm… madam there is a lawsuit against”

“who is suing me?”

“it’s your son in law, it’s because of he’s daughter”

“wait what?” grandma asked out of surprise “on what ground?!”

“he wants custody of the child”

“but he doesn’t have any ground, he can’t even hold his family together, and his presence as caused both physical and emotional pain on the child, and let’s not forget that both parents came to dump the child here cos their careers were more important”

“well he doesn’t seem to have a case cos he is currently undergoing a divorce lawsuit and it seeming that your daughter will be filling for custody too”

“nooo the child can’t go to that lunatic!!”

“excuse me?”

“yes the child can’t go to that lunatic”

“it’s your daughter we talking about right?”

“yes I know”

“so what do you want to do, since you don’t want the child to go to either of the parents”

“can’t I file for custody?”


“the judge has to know it’s for the betterment of the child, they don’t really want the child, this custody battles its just to spite each other”

“okay but this is a strange case, but if we can proof their incompetence over the years then we don’t have a problem”

“alright sir, please of you will excuse me, I will have to take this young lady to her new school and we already running late, making a bad impression on the first day”


“alright ma, I will get out of your hair, but I will inform you as the case develops”

“alright sir, thank you again”

The lawyer made his way out of the house then grandma and shola hit the road to her new school, no of them saying a word. Train of thoughts running through shola’s head, I mean what exactly was going to happen? Was she going to be separate her from her grandmother? And which of the parents would be best to settle with? Shola thought to herself has she almost walked into a wall

“hey!!! Miss what where you are going” grandma said with shock written on her face

Shola just nodded and continued with her journey, was just mumbling throughout the whole journey

“don’t worry child, I won’t let you go without a fight. You are grandma’s girl”

“yes ma” shola said with watery eyes as she stared at her grandma trying to wonder why she cared so much and was protective of her, this woman would probably die for her she thought to herself

“why are you crying child” grandma asked “you better clean those tears off, you have to be strong, you are a strong woman understand me? All this happening it’s just preparing you for the great things meant to happen in your life”.

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