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There was heavy banging coming from the door, it was alarming and scary, waking everyone and creating fear in their hearts.

“who is that?!!!” grandma screamed at the door everyone in the house holding some type of weapon, grandma had the mortal in her hand, uncle tobi had a knife with while Shola had with her a piece of wood

“who is that?!!!” grandma screamed once more as she moves closely to the door

“open the door!!!!” a familiar voice screamed from the other side “I want my daughter!!, I have come to take her!!” it was Shola’s father screaming from the other side of the door

“I already told you, Shola is going to stay with me until you guys are ready to be parents!”

“Shola!! Come and open the door right now!” her father screamed from the other side

Shola just stood there frozen as tears fell through her eyes, she knew there was something more to her father being here and showing interest, to her it meant her parents were at war, they were having a disagreement or something, which her mother was soon going to be here and things were going to get ugly.

“Shola I said you should come and open the door!!!”

“leave here! You are not ready to be a parent!”

“see am not leaving here without my daughter, if I have to break down this door so be it”

At this moment the house was crowded with neighbour who were interested about what was going on

“mama ejo e open the door” one of the neighbour pleaded

The banging continued growing louder and louder “I will not leave here without my daughter!! If you people don’t want trouble release her for me oo!!” Shola ’s father screamed on

“oga calm down and try to be civil about it”

“please don’t tell me to calm down, this people have kidnapped her”

“oga haba you know that is not true” one of the neighbours responded

“leave him let him be saying rubbish” grandma said as she furiously opened the door

“shola!!! Shola!! Come out let’s go home!!” her father screamed has he tried to squeeze his way into the house

Grandma struggles to stop him from entering the house but he did anyways, he grabs Shola who still had her cast on going towards the door which grandma immediately locked

“drop the girl down do not injure her again, like you did the last time” grandma snapped at him

“it wasn’t me that harmed her it was your useless daughter”

“you are a useless man, you not even bothered about your daughter’s wellbeing”

“I just have to take her away from you sick people and we both will be fine”

Grandma moved to drag shola out of her father’s arms but his grip was too firm which made shola scream out in pain

“daddy I want to stay with grandma!!!” shola cried out

And for a moment the whole room was silent, her father couldn’t believe his ears

“you heard the girl, she wants to stay with her grandmother and like I said if both of you get your acts together she can come and stay with you”

“She doesn’t know what she is saying, she is going with me!”

Then a continuous loud bang was coming through the door

“don’t let that evil man take my daughter oo” it was Shola ’s mother screaming from outside the door

“why are you people acting like this now, think about this little girl for once” grandma said has she broke down in tears “she isn’t supposed to go through all this stress and immaturity from her parents”

Grandma went on to open the door, shola’s mother badged in “I’m leaving with my daughter today”

“err, aunty calm down and stop behaving like a wild animal”

Shola’s mother slowly took her seat as she seriously eyed shola’s father “Shola dear come and sit with mommy”

“don’t listen to her she is a witch”

“it’s your mother that is a witch”

“how dare you talk about my mother like that?”

“yes it’s your mother that is a witch” both of them furiously stood up moving to attack each other as Shola was dropped to the ground, shola immediately ran to her grandmother scream “please don’t let them take me grandma, I want to stay with you” grandma edged Shola towards her room saying “stay in the room and lock the door, don’t worry you are staying with me”

“mommy you can’t keep my daughter away from me”

“now both of you leave my house before I call the area boy to come drag you out of here, understand!”

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