November 3rd 2012…


“Life doesn’t give us what we want, it gives what we need, but as human we hardly look into the greater picture. Life is a journey and life itself knows it isn’t easy, so we all just have to strive hard, be strong and never let the past put us in fear of the future. What is a moment? Isn’t it the love, pain, gain, sorrow, achievements, pleasure and grace of the present. So, every minute is worth being lived to the brim, no matter what it brings as long as it brings a moment we will forever cherish and adore for eternity. Over and over again” Omowonuola keeps going through the text she received earlier that morning from Sam. Carried away, lost in the text, she had no idea when Bimpe got to her side, after calling her over three times without answering. “Wonu”, Bimpe called out tapping her gently, “what on earth are you thinking about again”? I have been calling you but you… Wonu turning her gaze back to Bimpe. Bimpe noticed Wonu has been in tears again “Come on dearie, what are you doing to your self again? I know it’s hard to forget, but please Ore mi, you need to start living again, you have been hurting yourself for too long now and I think it’s time you stop this.

“No, I can’t stop, I have also tried so many times to forget it, but it just happens that my memories are mine and no matter how hard I try to forget, it keeps coming back the next day”. “it’s hard and despite all the love you, your mum, Jumoke and Sarah have shown to me over the years It just seem like I am suffocating. I have tried to take my own life times without number but you all keep bringing me back to this terrible life that has noting to offer me again, that took everyone from me, on this very day, everything went dark, my only wish is that this day never come again, but here it is again, two good years have passed and it still seems like this very moment”. Bimpe lost in words and covered in tears just pulls Wonu to herself.

“I know no words can ever be enough to console you, and I can know the pain you are feeling, but please I beg you, you have to have another reason to remember this day for, let’s celebrate this day and honour it, let’s remember it for love, the Legacy they left behind, remember you are their baby, and they will never want to see you like this”. Wonu gets up and looks at Bimpe, “Where is Sarah and Jummy?”

“they are in the living room, since they don’t know what to say to you, so they probably are just there also crying their eyes out” Bimpe replied.

“OK, come on let’s go meet them” Wonu said.

They both went to the living room and as Wonu moved closer to her friends she could see in their eyes if only they could turn back the hands of time, that this all could just go away and with a gentle smile and tears dropping from her eyes she moves closer to them and hugs them one after the other. Sarah burst into a loud smile crying, “let’s have breakfast, it’s past 11am already and after that we can go out, to any club, bar, or restaurant and after which we come back here home and watch our favourite movies one after the other”.

While at the breakfast table, Wonu looks up, looking into the eyes of each of her friends one after the other and said to them; ” I would love to visit home and after that we can do all that Sarah said”. They all looked back at her in surprise, “but you haven’t… ”

“I know Jummy …I haven’t been home since the day they were buried but today I want to go and say my goodbyes to them and start living again, for grandma, you all and the future that is still unknown to me, every moment is worth living to the brim, and I need to create moments that will help me forget my moments of pains, and to do that, I have to say my goodbyes.” Wonu replies breaking between her words and finding it hard to breath.

“Come on Musa, this guy never change, one will have to horn over and over again before he opens the gate,haaaaa” Jummy said in frustration.

“I will give him a call” replied Wonu, “Hello Musa, please open the gate, we are outside”. Musa rushes over to the gate, struggles with the padlock but eventually got it unlocked and opens the gate, and Jummy drives in, whining down the window by the drivers side “Malam you are a serious Case, you carry woman put for inside, we have been at the gate for over 15mins” she said to Musa. “Madams no vex ooo, na teeth I dey brush for inside ooo, I no even hear you at all as you dey horn, u know say e don long since any car come around here, so te mi self no come dey expect anybody for the house again” Musa replied. Jummy turns back at Wonu who is sitting right behind her and said to her “we are here, are you sure you want to do this?” Wonu squeezing her hands together, shivering and hardly breathing replied “Yes, I am” bending her head downwards. “You guys can wait for me inside, I have to do this alone”. She steps out of the Car walking gently in fear, memories surrounding the compound begins to rush back to her like they were just happening, she gathered every last strength she had and kept walking towards the back of the house where her families body is laid to rest. She burst into tears as the memories of her sisters planting a Moringa tree at the back of the house flashes back.

August 13th 2010

“Sister Taiye,sister kenny, where are you girls?” Wonu calls out to her big sisters as she steps out of the front door of the house. “Ma, them dey back yard oooo” Musa said to Wonu as she kept calling on her sisters. “Thank you dear” she replied to Musa. “Kai, very nice and respectful girl” Musa said to himself as he walks back to the security lodge.

“What exactly are you girls planing on doing digging the soil, or what do you want to plant?” Wonu said to her sisters as she stands by watching them at the back yard as they dig the soil.

” Come over ” Kenny said to Wonu. Wonu moved closer to her twin sister. Taiye looked at Wonu and said to her “See, we want to plant this Moringa tree, it’s known as the tree of Life, it cures so many illness, dad brought it along with him from Jos, so we felt a tree is needed in the house, at least where one can sit and have a fresh loving rest.”

“but aren’t trees meant to be at the front of the house?” Wonu replied.

Kenny smiling said “Maybe, but we want it to be here at the back, so no one will even know we are here talkless of disturbing”

“oh, whatever, mum needs you both inside, the food is ready” Wonu replied ” and I just hope the tree can give life to the dead, or else I see no reason why it should be called the tree of life”… Laughing out so loud… her sisters covering the soil back, threw some sands on her and ran after her as she tried running back inside, they both grabbed her and gave her a gentle kiss, and whispered to her ears “We love you so much and we will forever do little sis” smiling in comfort she puts her arms round their neck and said to them I Love you more…

Two good years have passed and right in front of the tree of life she stands and underneath lays the body of the planters. ” You have really flourished and grown well, they would have been so proud of you, you grew more than they expected” she said to herself as she keeps staring at the tree.

Dad, Mum, Taiye and Kenny, you all left when I needed you most, alone in this lonely, wicked devastating world. I still haven’t been able to accept your departure from this world, everyday seems like I am dying, every moment I spend without you all keeps breaking me, suffocating me and makes me feel I am walking this earth alone all by myself. I have tried so hard to let go of this life and join you all in the other world but people won’t just let me, so I stopped trying to kill myself so I decided to start drinking and smoking, to help me forget everything, but whenever I wake the next morning, there it is again, all over me, your memories, your warmth and your love, I miss you so much that I would trade everything I would be in the future just to have a minute with you all once again… ” her tears were uncontrollable as she falls to the floor and rests her back on the Moringa tree. “But I think I have a good news, I ain’t so sure if it is or its just another fantasy, I met someone who is giving me a reason to live again, who whenever He is around makes my pains go away, he is like… I don’t even know, but he is strange and also seems to be in as much pain I am in. I could see through his eyes, but he is a good liar, he hides it so well, but sees that of others”. In a moment she was quiet and could feel how much she has really missed being home. She could feel again the every single warmth she has once felt in the house. “This is me saying goodbye, but I will never forget you all, the love you showed to me, your care, all of your warmth and every single moment we had together and now I will be visiting home regularly. You know I love you all so much but I believe the creator loves you more”. Wonu sat there under the tree for about three good hours in tears, pains and eventually stood up and accepted all that fate as brought her way.

Her friends starring at her as she walks back towards the car from the back yard moved towards her and they all embraced each others.

“Musa” Wonu called

“Yes Madam” she moved towards him and hugged him, whispering to his ears, “thank you so much for taking very good care of the house”

Musa cleaning the tears on his eyes replied “you people don do me good, helped my family. Your Papa and Mama na good people, so na the little wey I fit do be this” Omowonuola smiles at him and told him she will be coming home often, but she has to go for now. Musa nods is head back in Joy and rushes to open the gate as Wonu and her friends steps back into the car and drove off waving at Musa.

It’s fourteen minutes to Five dears, why not just lets go back to your place and spend the rest of the day at home, Wonu said to Bimpe. They all agreed and went back straight to Bimpe’s place. As they packed the car, Sarah said “why not let’s check on Mr Sam, and thank him for coming over for dinner yesterday” Jummy looked back at Wonu and asked if she was OK with that, and yes she was.

Bimpe brought up a suggestion saying Wonu will knock, Sarah will do the talking since they both agreed to the visit. So they walked towards the door and Wonu knocked, knocked and knocked again but no one answered. And as they were about leaving Bimpe noticed a bell switch, “oh, girls wait, I think he can’t here the knocks, so why not let us try that” and they did and in less than a minute the door was opened and to Sam’s surprise, standing at is door were the least people he ever expected.

” Good evening Misses or is it Miss, how have your day been? Please come on in and have your seat.

“Waooo, this is lovely and beautiful said Sarah to Sam” and Sam looking at her guessing what it is that is lovely and beautiful

“your settings and everything in general I mean” she said.

“thank you so much dear “.

Sam now sitting right in front of them takes a look at them each one after the other, “I am really surprise seeing you all, but I am so grateful that you did” he said to them as he keeps staring at Wonu. Bimpe coughs and breaks in saying they were just bored and didn’t know what to do, so they decided to pay him a visit. Sam smiled and thanked them they did, “you are always welcomed here please, you all, at anytime and any day”. Please let me get you something to drink. He got up from the chair and went straight to the fridge at the dinning bringing back four “five alive” with him and four glass cups.

“Please do you happen to have nice movies?” Jummy asked

“Sure” Sam replied, showed her the wooden designed on the wall, which looked more like a work meant for a wall design but yes it was an art work but also a movie plate holder. As Jummy opened it, she was thrilled and called on Wonu, Wonu moved closer to see what it was and seeing it she was really excited, “Hotel Transylvania, pitch perfect,Taken 2, house at the end of the street, Sky fall, Resident evil, solomon kane and so on, waoooo, how do you get hold of this movies, these are original discs?” Wonu asked…

“very lovely, so there is something you really love? that is good. Well, a cousin sends them down to me at the end of every month” Sam replied.

“Girls please let’s watch Silent hill now before we leave, please…” Wonu pleading to her friends and they all agreed. Sam went into the kitchen, made them lots of prawn crackers and brought it to them. “Waooo, this place really looks like a Cinema” Bimpe said to her friends and they all sat down gently and quiet, watched Silent hill and Sky fall. Bimpe’s phone rings and it was her mum, “Mum, we are at Mr Sam flat, just catching some real fun” she said.

“OK, I was just bothered seeing Wonu’s car packed in the compound and you girls aren’t in, so have a lot of fun and bring mine along” Mrs Folorunsho replied smiling.

It’s past 9pm, and the girls got up to go. Sam followed them and escorted them to their flat, appreciating them for the warmth visit. As they all stepped in, he pulled Wonu back and whispered to her ears, “thank you so much, this day for two years have always been a thorn in my heart but today I am glad I was able to spend it with you” Wonu starred into his eyes and she said to him,

“I am more grateful to you, you found me, and you pulled me out of I don’t know, but believe me, it’s you who I should be thanking” they both moved closer to each others starring at themselves, Sam said to her “I love you” and before he could say another word, she kissed him, holding him close to herself and he did kiss her back, lifting her up, and closer to himself, at that moment they both knew they have found peace, they both felt what it was to hold someone who makes you feel alive close, they were not going to stop until Sarah’s cough got their attention and in his ears Wonu whispers thank you, and now I am yours”. She went in keeping her eyes on him until the door closed.

Sam at the bar in his living room picks up his phone and text Wonu “All my life, I have never known what it feels like to love someone outside my family basket, it’s always been me and my parents, and in two years I watched those that matter to me leave so suddenly, just in a blink of an eye, but here again I can feel what I have never felt before, and I swear on every single blood that runs within me, to live for you and make you the proudest woman ever. I LOVE YOU” . Omowonuola sitting at the dinning smiled, and replied back “I loved you before you even knew who I was, thank you and sleep well because tomorrow is going to be a very long day”.

For the first time in two good years, she went a day without drinking, and now she will also be going to bed with smiles on her face and Love in her heart. Love only comes to those who believe in it and that is the greatest gift one can ever get in a lifetime.


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  • Neemah
    July 10, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Love is beautiful

  • Itz Horlharmhiji Hardeyhemi
    October 6, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Dat Kind Of Luv Is Vry Rare

  • Martha
    October 13, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    wow…it really tough in this world of love, looking forward to the next episode…well done ma
    if love is that I will love to get one
    magic love huh!!

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    July 4, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Nice one


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