NOVERMBER 2nd 2012….


“It’s been two weeks, I haven’t stepped out of the dark, spoken to anyone, nor seen any soul. I guess it’s time I blend into my new world and also I am running out of supplies, and I can’t just keep living like this. After all, forgiveness is all… hmmm, and I have made peace with myself but I can’t have be around me again”.

Sam meditates as he lays on the bed, facing the ceiling. He gets up, checks the time and it’s 7:32am. I should wait till 9am before preparing to go out, at least by the time I am through, it should be 10am and all shops should be opened by then, he thought within himself. He was about stepping into the bathroom when he heard the door bell; “Who in the world do I know?” he asked himself, “it can’t be Julius, No, never, he should still be in Dubai, it isn’t a month yet, he got five more days “. As he was still guessing who it could be when he heard the bell rang again. He stepped out of his pyjamas, wore a Jean pant and a singlet, then stepped out of the bedroom to the main entrance to check who was at the door. Standing at his door is a woman who seems to be in her early fifties, light in complexion, 5ft 11inch tall, full hair beautifully packed and dressed, putting on an orange Ankara, ironed smoothly and looking elegant on her, she is a pillar of beauty at her age.

“Good morning Ma’am….. ,

she cuts in immediately, “good morning Mr…”

“I am Sam Ma”, Sam jumps in.

“Oh Mr Sam, I am Mrs Folorunke, your neighbour in the next flat, I just want to know if you are good with cars, because my car has refused to start this morning and I called my mechanic but he is out of town. So I had no other option than to come to you” Sam staring right at her eyes, surprise as to the fluency of her words, she is a complete wonder.

“Alright Ma, you are always welcome to my door”. He steps out and walk down to the 2012 Toyota Camry packed in the compound, he opens the bonnet and immediately sees the battery is unplugged, he connects it properly and asked Mrs Folorunke to step into the car and start, and Zoom the engine kicks. “Thank you so much my Son” said Mrs Folorunke as she steps out of the car, Sam nodding is head in a reply.

“You have been here for two weeks but I have never seen you stepped out of your apartment. I was so curious as to how you survive in there alone since I have never seen anyone coming in or out of there”.

It’s no problem Ma, I am provided with everything I need, and I have just been so busy with work for the past two weeks, Sam replies.

” Oh I see” Mrs Folorunso replied nodding her head. “Then we see later in the evening, my son feel free, live and the only way to truly live is to explore life, I owe you. So what do you think of a dinner today with my family, everyone will be home, my daughter will be coming over from school”.

“Oh, Yes, that will be nice, and your daughter, how is she? I met her once on the day I arrived, very brave a lady”.

“My daughter? I don’t think you have met her because she hasn’t been home for over three months now”.

Sam, so curious and surprised asked “Isn’t she hmmm? Omowonuola, I met her at the gate two weeks ago”

“Oh, Mrs Folorunso, Smiled, Omowonuola, hmmm, well she is my student and a good friend of my daughter, she is in her final years in school, but… Hmmm, let’s leave dat to the dinner talks.

“Your student? You mean…

” Mrs Folorunso cuts in, yes I am a lecturer in the Lagos state Polytechnic, down the road”.

“OK, now I see, it was a pleasure meeting you Ma, Sam said”

“The pleasure is mine, Ma’am Folorunso replies as she steps back into her car and starts the engine.

“Who won’t know how to fix a minor battery problem? Well, I just had to unplug the battery so as to know who the young man is. What a nice looking young Man, Ma’am Folorunso said to her self as she drives off waving at Sam, with a gentle smile at the gate.

Sam gets back in, freshens up and gets into his Toyota Tundra 4wd Truck, and off he drove after locking the gate from within. ” an environment filled with students, nice air, loving and caring people. Hmmm, the road is nothing to be compare to, too bad, no road drainages, Oh, this is the Prominent Lagos State Polytechnic, beautiful. He parks his jeep opposite the school and calls on a young guy putting on a pan trouser and an Ankara shirt, waiting to cross the road to the other side,”excuse me please, do you know if there is any super market around”?

“Sure Sir, just down this express before you get to the Ikorodu garage, City Dia”.

Thank you Sir,Sam said. The young man bows in reply. Sam drives off, and parks right in front of City Dia, he enters and picks up what he needs and has he was about leaving, just at the door he bumps into a group of lousy girls, and on his white shirt comes a very chill liquor. “Waoooo, haaaa…” still wondering what just happened and immediately he could pick the next voice he heard among so many other voices saying “we are very sorry sir” the voice sounded so familiar that straight into each others eyes they looked. “Omowonuola, it’s you? It seems we have an habit of bumping into each others”,

Omowonuola still in a shock, replies with I am very sorry Sir, I just escorted my friends down to get somethings, since I was Idle”. “Oh, I see… nice group of friends.., I hope you are doing fine, you looking pale

“Wonuola breaks in, thank you sir, I am fine, I am just tired”. She pulls her friends off and walks out from his front, “handsome, fitted and the S…. word, waooooo…. I’m blushing” Sarah still staring back at Sam as she is been pulled by Wonu,” please Omowonuola, where in the world do you know this Angel, he is too cool”. Sarah says.

” Yes he is, the guy I told you I bumped into at Mrs Folorunso’s house two weeks ago”.

“Oh, the same Sam you have been speaking continuously without end, Sarah replies teasing Wonu.

“Hmm, He is worth it, who wouldn’t? He is a rare stone, beautiful carved, and gentle, Just take a look at him again please, just do” Omowonuola looks back and keeps her eyes on Sam as he walks out of the building and immediately Sam turns his gaze back and there it was, Life, and Ma’am Folorunsho words flips back to his mind,”live and the only way to truly live is to explore life” and there it was Life in the eyes of a lady that seems to be in the shadows, He could feel it, his heart beating again, the feelings of wanting to live again, in that moment he could hear only one thing and that is,his heartbeat and he could see only one thing, Life staring at him waiting to be explored.

Tears dropping from Omowonuola’s eyes, as her eyes gaze right into that of Sam’s, at that moment all she could see in his eyes is that of an explorer, who would make her alive again and immediately she takes her gaze off him and back to her friends,

” I can’t let him, No, I must not, she was still thinking” as she hears a voice say to her ears,

“welcome back to the world dear, you are in Love”,Jumoke said to her.. and immediately she bursts into a deep laughter.

“why on earth do you think I am in Love? you can never stop being funny Jummy” Wonu replies laughing.. And Jummy holding wonu’s hand and looking straight into her eyes says

“well, I think you are because the tears in your eyes says so”. As she was about saying something her phone rings and she said “I ain’t and I will never be”. She picks the call and screams

“Ore mi, how are you bae?”

“who be that, Sarah asks in Curiosity ” “Na Bimpe joor, who else could it be? “Malu” Wonu replies. They spoke for about three minutes and she drops the call.

“Bimpe is on her way home from school and she has asked us to come over for dinner, courtesy of her Mum, Mrs Folorunso” Wonu said to Sarah and Jumoke.

“Thank God, finally I won’t have to go through the stress of cooking for you lazy bones tonight” said Sarah with a smile on her face as they walk out of the City Dia to their 2012 volkswagen beetle.

06:48 Same Day

“What in the world am I to wear?, let’s see, hmmm, I don’t have to put on a shirt or suit, she is just my neighbour, it’s not like I am going out of the gates. Come on, I will just dress simple and go since its just some seconds walk away from my door step and I won’t b staying long” Sam thinking. So he picks up a clean white TM shirt and a black Pan trousers, got his versace shoe on and his Rolex wrist watch. Standing in front of his wall mirror, he says to him self, waoooo, I look just like I a groom. He smiles to himself and sets off for Mrs Folorunso’s door.

Knocking on the door, comes immediately a black beauty, on a Jean bump short and a singlet, with a pure white bright eyes, so opposite of her skin colour, her hairs neatly cut and fitting her so much that, one will think she was born with such a hair cut.

“Good evening Sir”

“Evening Ma’am ” as the greetings was still on, Mrs Folorunso steps in

“Oh, my Son, welcome, come in please, this is my daughter, I was speaking of in the morning, Omobimpe”

“Nice meeting you miss Bimpe, hope you had a lovely trip down” Sam asked

“Yes, I did”.

“I am your new neighbour, leaving in the other flat” Bimpe still staring at the wonder in her front replies “Yes,mom told me we have got a new neighbour, you are welcome sir”.

“Please have your seat sir, I will call you over to the dinning when it’s set” Mrs Folorunso said. Bimpe leaves the sitting room for her room smiling.

“Pals, we have a guest, you all are gonna want to see him” Bimpe said to Wonu, Sarah and Jumoke. “Who? They all asked in surprise”

“Mum said he is the new neighbour ” “Waooo, I can’t wait to see him again, Sarah jumps up in Joy, while Wonu’s heart beats up and faster to the news and Jummy laughing.

“What is happening here girls, what are you not telling me? And as they all were still in shock they heard Ma’am Folorunso’s Voice, calling everyone to the dinner table.

With everyone seated at the table, prayer was made and dinner was served, it’s Roasted Turkey and Croacker fish and Efo elemi meje served with Poundo Yam with a Red Carlo Rossi wine to accompany it. As food was served, Sam picks up the bag he brought along and gives it to Mrs Folorunso, and in it was a box of Pol Roger champagne and a Louis Roderer Crystal champagne. “Waooo, you shouldn’t have, this must be expensive, I’m so grateful dear”. Mrs Folorunso said as she brings the champagnes out of the bag.

“it’s nothing Ma, replied Sam.

“So, what do you do?”Asked Ma’am Folorunso.

“Hmm, actually it’s Much Ma, but I will start with that which fetches me more income, which is housing estate, Event planning, I am a writer and a blogger”. “That is beautiful, very beautiful, Omowonuola also writes and Bimpe blogs for her, the ReliCult Blog, about religion and culture” replied Mrs Folorunso.

“Really, omowonuola?” she kept all her focus and gaze on her food all through until she heard her name and from the mouth was called gave her a shivering leg and cold hands.

“Do you intend to stir at the food all through the night even after its finished, don’t worry you can look up I won’t stare at you” Sam said to Wonu, and gently she raises her head and she couldn’t help it but look to his direction,

“Sir, do you leave alone?” Bimpe asked, “sure yes, is anything wrong in leaving alone? Sam replied,

“No sir, I am just curious as to why you stay alone in a four bedroom standard flat, with no one at all, nt even a maid or cook”

” hmm, I see, well, I am new to this area and I am still in search of my stand here,Sam replies.

“Oh, so what of your parents and… Wonu breaks in “it’s enough Bimpe, please” “No, it’s not a problem, my parents are fine and far away.

So, you what about daddy?” ” my dad is fine and far also” Bimpe replies but immediately Mrs Folorunso bursts in saying He is Gone, Gone to cry no more, to feel pain no more, gone away from the struggles of this world, to be in peace for eternity.

” oh I am so sorry Ma “. So, Wonu, what are you studying? “Art & Design it is” she replies.

“Then what about your family” Sam asked and immediately everything went silent and cold, she looks up, stared at him for about 10seconds and she replied “they are all well”.

“Well, I think we have shared a little of ourselves tonight and the rest we will be for some other days.

“Thank you so much Ma, I hope to treat you to dinner also one day, but that will be when I am fully stable and prepared, it’s an honour to have met you beautiful gorgeous ladies, I have really missed the taste of home and a family but tonight you all gave me one, thank you”. As Sam gets up from the dining he remembered he wanted to ask a favor from Mrs Folorunso, “Oh Ma, I was thinking we should get a gate keeper and a cleaner, just for the surrounding, to bring more life to the compound”

“that will be nice, so Sarah and Jumoke can help with getting the competent hands for the Job, since they are so familiar with the area.”Mrs folorunso replied.

” that will be nice, so Miss Sarah, Miss Jummy, I will be needing two hands, females, a cook and a house keeper. “Jummy bumped in jokingly, what do you need a cook for, because you didn’t touch a pinch of your food here, you ate only part of the fish”

Sam laughs and says maybe the cook will be a fish cook only.

“OK, Mrs Folorunso said, now I want everyone to exchange numbers, for easy communication” and that they all did and Sam said his good byes.

Laying On his bed, he picked up his phone and sends “You are the Life I have been asked to live and explore, so will I” to omowonuola and in less than a minute he was replied with “I’m sorry you came at the time I have decided not to live again, so I am no Life, Sleep well Mr Sam. He smiles and text back ” we all get to live again despite all Pains and tears, sweet dreams Ma’am Wonuola”. She smiled knowing it’s been a very long time she has truly smiled and into tears again she was as she goes to sleeps off. So has she been living for the past two years, drunk and high in the day, filled with tears at night, all to get rid of a memory that will never leave.

November 13th… Contd




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    Hmm why do I feel there’s gonna be a probelm, seems like Bimpe likes Sam already….

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    Sam is good to go

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    Sam is good to go


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