October 16th 2012:

The friendly air of the new land he is making his new home,reaching to him in the cab through the open windows right behind the Drivers seat as the Cab moves toward it’s destination.

Hmmmm, the rain has just stopped to drop Sam said to himself has he drops from the cab right in front of the newly rented apartment. He goes for his wallet in the left back pocket of his Jean pants and brings out the sum of ten thousand Naira and gives it to the Cab Man.

“Sir”, as he steps out of the drivers seat, the cab man called Sam,

“your payment is just six thousand Naira but you have given me far more than that mistakenly”.

Sam smiles looking at the Cab man, “it isn’t a mistake, its a thank you for getting me here safely and sound”.

“Thank you sir”,bowing his head towards Sam.

“What is your name Sir”? Sam asked.

“I am Okunnu Samuel sir, but I am simply called Okuns by my friends”.

” Oh, I see Mr Okuns, we share the same name, I am Samuel, but I am called Sam by friends”.

“So you are from which state Sir”?

” I be Ghanian Sir ooo, I no be Niger rara”, Okuns replied.

Sam nodding his head twice says “that is nice, so I guess this is good bye Mr Okuns, I hope we meet again and keep driving carefully, You are a good man”. “Thank you sir,I am so grateful, may the good Lord keep blessing you”, Okuns replied as he steps back into his cab and drives off.


A new beginning, a new Sam, a new life, now I am free from the torment of a caged life. Here no one knows me, who I am, who I was, I am free, free at last from the world of Mask. Sam says to himself as he moves dragging is luxurious gucci travelling bag to the gate. As he was about opening the gate, it opened from within and it’s a gorgeous beautiful young girl standing right in his front.

“Good evening Sir” she says with her tiny set voice,

“Good evening Miss”… , without delay and hesitation she jumps in…” Miss Wonu, Omowonuola it is Sir”.

” Oh, I see, well I am your new neighbour, I hope we get to know each others better, Take care”.

“Yes sir, I hope so”, “you are welcomed Sir” she whispers as they passed by each others at the gate.

What a beauty, could she be real? No, are eyes are too bright to be that of human, are face as smooth as silk, her voice are as bold as that of a general but still as lovely as the chief musician. “No, you can’t”, Sam says to himself as he sets his luggages in the bedroom, remember you are here to run away from trust, love and passion.

Sitting on a three seater chair in the living, listening to his favourite soul music’s playing, he opens up his diary to fill in the day. Dad, No!!!, he screams jumping off from the chair in tears, No, again, why can’t you just let me be? Breathing so hard and fast, he checks his apples watch, it’s already 03:28am. Hmmm, still finding it hard to breath, he walked down to the study, picks up a book to read and returned back to the living room. The 7:00am alarm from his phone caught his attention and he folds the page of the book, and closes the book. He gets up, re freshened himself and prepares breakfast, then returns back to the living room, where he had his plasma TV switched on and inserted Game of Thrones, the first season. As he seats back, he noticed there is no Dstv Decoder on the shelf. Oh No, Julius must be very low on memory, God, I gave to him the complete list of every thing I need in here, and imagine the apartment he even got is too large for me alone to be in, what in christ name do I need a Four bedroom standard flat for? I requested for a Toyota Tundra 4wd Truck, he got a Toyota 4runner instead, was he deaf or blind when I was listing everything to him. Julius, you really wanna make life really lonely for me. Haaaa, Sam screams beating the chair he is seating on in frustration and loneliness.

For two weeks, three days, the same routing he followed living life alone, devastated, angry, not stepping out of his apartment, seeing no one, called nor received any phone call. What exactly Is he running from, what does he want to disconnect from, in his past?

November 2nd 2012… to be Contd….




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