When Tayo got home in the evening, she was so happy, she was bubbling and was full of excitement as if she won a lottery

“Tayo! Temitayo!!”her mum called

She ran into the kitchen and met her mum offloading the nylon she put the ingredients she bought in..

“Tayo, o ni binu ni o” (which means, Tayo please don’t get angry) she had to plead with her, she knew she was doing her assignments from school..

“Jo, wash this pepper for me, then go and grind it, outside the estate ni o! Then from there branch Alhaji’s shop, buy turkey, one kilo, chicken, half a kilo will do then if the money is enough you can buy gizzard, after that go to that igbo boy across the road, buy five dericas of rice then when you are done go to mrs.ogunshina’s house and collect the money for the cloth she bought from me, jo ma binu (please don’t be angry) the errand is not so much, do it on time okay? Oshey oko mi (thank you my dear)”

Mrs. Davies was expecting Tayo to flair up and complain but Tayo smiled and started washing the pepper and under and hour she was back home and she did everything perfectly, she even offered to cook dinner that night, Mrs.Davies was looking at Tayo , amazed

“Mummy, why are you staring at me?” Tayo asked smiling

“Nothing oh oko mi, I’m just wondering, you seem so happy today, I’m sure school was fun, right?”her mum answered

Tayo just giggled and continued

Tayo couldn’t wait to get to school that morning….she hoped Daniel would be the first person she would see that morning, as usual, she didn’t meet him at school, and Chidera hadn’t gotten to school too, she couldn’t wait for her to come so she would tell her all the things that happened……

Chidera eventually came and she didn’t even let Chidera settle down, she had already started pouring down the gist…Chidera was just laughing and teasing Tayo on hearing her experience….Tayo really anticipated on Daniel’s arrival…. He came late, they were on the field for assembly when he came, she tried giving him eye contact but he acted like he didn’t see her..

“Maybe he didn’t see me”she said to herself

After assembly there was no way she could go and give him the hug she wanted to give him.

Eventually,she got to go and meet him during short break, she went to his seat and hugged him from behind, then she pecked him

“You didn’t even talk to me this morning, cow” she teased.

He said nothing, he just smiled

“So, how was yesterday?”, she teased again

“Was it fun?”she asked

“Did you enjoy the kiss” she whispered that into his ear

He still did not say anything…

“Talk to me now”she said

“Uhm, I’ve got to go, excuse me”Daniel said, he looked irritated, then he walked away

Now she was confused, they were all ‘lovey dovey’ yesterday but he’s acting strange now…..




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  • Neemah
    July 22, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    This guy should not break our hearts oo

  • Abolade Tolu
    July 22, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Well…..something has happened I suspect


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