***********WELCOME BACK********


“Do you like me too?”Tayo asked

She was quite stunned at the way she talked with confidence she felt quite shy,but she was still talking

Daniel on the other hand looked at her and then laughed

‘He’s laughing,why am I so stupid sometimes, he doesn’t have my time at school and he acts like he doesn’t know me but I’m here asking if he likes me’ Tayo said inside her

Daniel finally spoke.

“Yes,I like you, I do but I just met you and it’s barely a month I wasn’t sure of how I felt and I didn’t want to get attached that’s why I was giving you space whenever we are at school, I’ve really gotten to like you ,for real..”Daniel said

Tayo was elated! she didn’t know how to express it, should she hug him, or kiss him or just scream!

But she just spoke and said something she didn’t think through something considered as an abomination on this part of the world..

“will you be my BOYFRIEND?”Tayo asked

Where did this confidence come from?

“huh?!”Daniel was surprised,a girl asking him out

“you heard me”

“Tayo ,why don’t you chil….

“I cant chill! I really like you okay! I get jealous when I see you with other girls, I know it’s weird, a girl asking you out,but our love story can be different, it’s not usual…”Tayo said almost screaming

Daniel was dumbfounded

“okay then, yes I’d be your boyfriend”he said

He felt he should try something new, it might be fun..

“can I kiss you?”Daniel asked

you didn’t ask for permission the last time you did”she said smiling

Daniel then gave her a quick kiss then they both hugged tightly..

She felt safe in his arms there was no other place she’d rather be

His hands were no longer on her waist, went further and further

She felt his hands on her buttocks, he grabbed them with so much energy!

“stop…”she said slightly,she was shy but she liked it, it was something Korede never did to her

“why should I ?,You’re mine now,so are these two” he grabbed them again but softly..

Tayo smiled and kissed his cheeks then they kissed again…

They weren’t shy..the estate was quite dark and no one seemed to be outside..

They both said goodnight and Tayo started her journey back home….




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