Tayo and Chidera were walking home from school, Tayo didn’t say anything and didn’t even contribute to the conversation that Chidera was trying to start…

“Ahahn, Tayo what’s up? ” chidera asked “you’ve been dull through out”she continued

Tayo didn’t say anything. “Taayooo!”she said while tapping her

Tayo was lost in thought

“Yesss!” Tayo answered as she came back to reality

“Ahahn, what’s wrong with you?” She asked her

“Nothing is wrong with me”

“Shut up!”Chidera said shunning her

Chidera then continued

“I’ve been talking to you and you didn’t behave like someone is beside you, what’s wrong? If you can’t talk to me about your problems who would you tell? That’s why I’m your best friend”

Tayo sighed..

“Its Daniel ”

“Heeeeiiii!”Chidera exclaimed

“So na man make you dey do like mumu like this”Chidera said

“Can you see, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you, you’d scold me”Tayo said sulking

“Babygirl, I’m just trying to let you know he’s not worth all this stress, forget him! I noticed he didn’t have your time today but I didn’t know it would get to you like this, with the way you treated Korede , I thought no guy would be able to get to you but you proved me wrong! He’s not your boyfriend by the way! Get over him he’s not worth all this, if you mention that name DANIEL near me, I will slap you! Ode girl!”Chidera said scolding her

Tayo giggled.

“What’s funny now?”Chidera said

“Nothing, you’re talking like you’re my mum” Tayo said smiling at her

“When you’re acting like a fool nko?”Chidera said

“I love you! I swear I won’t talk to that Daniel guy again!” Tayo said

“Better”Chidera said smiling

Later that night, Tayo was on her bed bored, she didn’t know what to do

‘Should I call Daniel? she thought

“No I’m not calling him!”she said

‘But you don’t know what you did wrong, call and ask?’she said in her

“But Chidera said I mustn’t call him, he’s not my boyfriend”she said to herself


After the conversation she had with her self, she picked her phone up and dialed a number…

It started ringing..

It kept ringing..

He didn’t pick up.


“I shouldn’t have called him,I could be stupid sometimes!”she said scolding herself

Yes,she tried calling Daniel.

She went to charge her phone and she took a nap..


She woke up at 7:30pm she took her note book to do her assignment then she remembered she was charging her phone,she unlocked it and she had four missed calls..

‘From who?’Tayo thought

It was Daniel.

She smiled,she was happy he called back,she decided to return his call,she remembered what she said to Chidera

“he called me back, I probably misunderstood everything” Tayo said to herself

He picked up his phone


“I saw your missed calls”she said

“I called because you called,what’s up?”

” have I offended you,you didn’t even talk to me today,despite everything,you acted like you don’t know me” Tayo complained

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t in the mood,besides you don’t expect me to be all over you at school” Daniel said

“oh so all your babes won’t know about us,right?”Tayo said

“us? What do you mean by us?”Daniel was surprised, Tayo had already made that “thing” she made up in her head get to her and she had already become possessive, to her Daniel was hers already

“what’s wrong,yes I said us!” Tayo said

Where did this confidence come from? Tayo used to be shy but this time around she was bold enough to let Daniel know she had placed dibs on him even though it was indirectly

“anything else you want to say?”Daniel asked

“can we see each other?at your side of the estate?”

“this night?”

“yes,do you have a problem with that?”tayo asked

“no I’m not caged at home unlike you,anyway I’d wait for you at the mallam’s kiosk,its three blocks from my house”Daniel said

“I’d be there in ten minutes”tayo said

Tayo made her way out she passed the kitchen door and she locked her room,she told her younger sister to cover up incase of anything..

As Tayo walked she was thinking of what to tell Daniel, and why she told him to come out, she saw that she had no reason why,she thought of going back home but the thought of her seeing Daniel didn’t let her go back home..

She got to where he asked her to meet him and she saw him and she couldn’t help but smile

“hey,you wanted to see me ,what happened, you miss me and you want to see my handsome face eh?” Daniel said teasing

Tayo giggled,it was true that why she wanted to see him..

She kept staring at him.

She didn’t know what to say.

He gave her a puzzled look..he was wondering why she wasn’t saying anything

Tayo was really acting dumb…she kept thinking of what to say

Then she spoke

She knew what to say!

“I like you….alot” Tayo said it,she didn’t think this through

Where she and Daniel stood seemed colder and more silent than it was earlier.



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