Tayo got to Daniel’s house looking so provocative she had removed the leggings when she got downstairs and she removed the jacket when she got to his door

She knocked and he opened almost immediately

He scanned her from head to toe smiled shook his head in approval and said “my girl!”

She went in smiling

“how about your brother?”Tayo asked

“he’s not home”

“so its just two of us?”

“yes baby”he said softly and seductively.


********EPISODE FOURTEEN**********


Tayo sat down and took her phone from her pocket, unlocked it and started scrolling…

“why don’t you take off your jacket?”Daniel asked

Tayo looked at him and said “cause man’s not hot”

They both laughed..

He sat beside her, he took her phone from her and moved closer, so close that Tayo could smell his breath and detect that he had taken mints, probably to freshen his breath..

“on a serious note, take off your jacket” he said softly..

Tayo agreed, as she was taking it off,Daniel watched her, he was staring at her like she was ice-cream, ready to lick, eager to find out how it tastes then go for the crispy cone..

When the jacket was off, Daniel had a lovely view in front of him, he just wanted to pounce on her and eat her up..

“where’s my phone?” Tayo asked

“did you come here to use your phone or to have a good time with me” he answered seductively


Daniel interupted her… “but nothing”

Daniel leaned for a kiss and she responded and kissed him.

His hands went from her hair, to her face then to her waist, he carried her and put her on his lap, facing him, then slowly he moved from her waist to her butt, grabbing them with force.

They became really intense, then he wanted to touch her boobs when she stopped him

“don’t” she said

“why cant I?”

“it’s slutty” Tayo said

“so touching your butt is less slutty? Oh com’on! Besides I’m your boyfriend, I’m not just any other boy!”

He pulled her closer,forcefully this time around.

They started kissing again, after a while he started touching her breasts, she didn’t resist this time around, she wasn’t comfortable, but she didn’t resist.

“Let’s go inside, to my room”

She nodded in approval.

They got to the room but went on the bed this time around.

He started fiddling with her neck, she liked it, she felt pleased.

Korede (her ex boyfriend) never did this with her, she liked the way Daniel handled her….

Daniel moved to her ears, he licked them like candy, he romanced them with his tongue. This made Tayo feel quite aroused, she thought that was all until Daniel grabbed her boobs again, he was playing with her like she was a toy, he didn’t leave her boobs, he kept switching from her ears to her lips, Tayo moaned softly, Daniel then decided to switch positions, Tayo was on top, he was under

He was expecting Tayo to do something too, Tayo was just looking at him, she didn’t know what to do..

“Babe, I did my part na! Do something to me too” Daniel said

Tayo thought she was a boss chick, she quickly remembered how she used to shun Korede on how boring he was now she is in that position on, she didn’t know what to do…..

“To be honest Daniel, I have never been this intense…….”

“you don’t know what to do right?” Daniel said interrupting her

“teach me”

Daniel laughed “hmmmmmm, first you’d….”

The doorbell rang..

“damn! My bro is back”

“He’d be cool na, he has met me before” Tayo said

“I know but we had a fight yesterday,he might start acting up maybe you should go”………



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