Chidera grabbed Tayo by the arm and took her outside the classroom

“he kissed you!,what’s going on?!”Chidera asked

“don’t act like you don’t know we’ve kissed before “Tayo replied

“I know, I know, but infront of everyone in class, and he was calling you sweet names like you’re his girlfriend, and you seemed happy about it, don’t trust that boy remember how he used to act towards you, today he likes you tomorrow he acts like you don’t exist, tayo be careful oh!”

Chidera had no clue that her bestie had already started dating him or that she asked him to be her boyfriend, Tayo was contemplating, should she just tell Chidera or keep it a secret?

She remembered suddenly that Chidera doesn’t really like him, she remembered that she would scold her if she told her, she didn’t want that,she decided to keep shut

“I know what I’m doing, don’t worry about me, he’s probably trying to play with my feelings but it wont work, trust me!”Tayo said, trying to sound as if she wasn’t on Daniel’s side…

Tayo found her way to ditch Chidera during lunch, she went to be with Daniel, he was at the school’s basketball court,she got there and she hugged him from behind, he was a bit startled but when he saw it was Tayo he smirked

“its a good you came”he said

“of course, I have to be here”she said still hugging him

“Tayo come to my place today after school, wear something sexy” Daniel said biting his lips

Tayo blushed, it was quite unnecessary for her to but she did anyway “sure thing, I’d be there”…..

When tayo got back from school she was thinking if she should sneak out or she should make up something to tell her…she didn’t want trouble and she didn’t know what to tell her mum

She began to brainstorm, started thinking hard

Then she got it!

She wore a short gown that flaunted her flawless skin,she changed the bra she was on to her nicest bra, the one that brought out her boobs,the one that enhanced the size

The gown she wore showed her cleavage, she wanted to look sexy for her “BOO” but her mum would never let her leave like this so she wore a jacket on it and she wore leggings too

“mummy!” Tayo said approaching her mum

“I want to go the library”

Tayo had already put some books in her bag

“library? Which library?” Her mum asked, she didn’t know of any library in town

“there’s one that Chidera showed me one day, she’s not coming with me though, she has church this evening”Tayo said lying

There was no library anywhere.

“okay make sure you’re back before your dad gets home” Tayo’s mum said. Tayo had fooled her mum bigtime!

Tayo smiled as she made her way to the door.


Tayo got to Daniel’s house looking so provocative she had removed the leggings when she got downstairs and she removed the jacket when she got to his door

She knocked and he opened almost immediately

He scanned her from head to toe smiled shook his head in approval and said “my girl!”

She went in smiling

“how about your brother?”Tayo asked

“he’s not home”

“so its just two of us?”

“yes baby”he said softly and seductively.


Hmmm What’s going on?? STAY UPDATED!!!


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