Cobalt High seemed different the following morning….

The environment seemed nicer..

The breeze was cooler..

Everywhere smelt really good..

To top it, Tayo  was excited and happy to be in school!

That was unusual, wierd and absurd,Tayo dreaded school mornings and she always anticipated the weekends like it was Christmas day or her birthday even..

Daniel was the reason behind this extraordinary happiness, she would see him everyday, she would always be happy with him..

She started day-dreaming as she climbed the stairs..

She got to class and saw Chidera, she felt elated and wanted to tell her about yesterday night

“Babessss! I get gissstt!!!”Tayo  said

Then she remembered something, Chidera seemed not to like Daniel, Chidera told her not to talk about him around her, Chidera would scold her and discourage her that the relationship is not going to turn out well, she shouldn’t even dare tell her that she was the one who asked him out…

It’s not like she was scared of Chidera, but Tayo  knew that Chidera was expecting more from her, she didn’t just want to let her down.. She decided to keep it to herself till the time seemed right and till when she could prove to Chidera that he was not as bad as she taught..

“I wanted to ask you where you where yesterday night because your mum called and she seemed really worried but e be like say dis gist go sweet , so begin dey yarn me!” Chidera said

“Gist? Wo forget that one”Tayo  said trying to cover up

“ahahn why now?”

“it’s not as juicy as you think”Tayo  said

Chidera then shrugged and said “okay”, she was more concerned about yesterday night

“what happened,where did you go, your mum seemed worried” Chidera asked

“me? Uhm…I went to ehnn.. What are they calling this place seff” Tayo  said trying to come up with a clever lie

Chidera had a puzzled look on her face, she was wondering why Tayo  was stammering..

“hope didn’t go to see Daniel?” Chidera asked

“me! Daniel lailai!!!” Tayo said trying to sound believable

“hmmm, so where ?”

“why you con dey question me?! You Be my mama!”Tayo said, since she couldn’t come up with anything she decided to seem angry so she would forget about the issue..

“ahh, you went out and your mum called me to ask me, she seemed very worried, is it wrong if I know where you went?” Chidera said, she really wanted to know where she went to… “I’D tell you later,abeg” Tayo  said…

A few minutes later, Daniel came in,you could see it in Tayo’s eyes, she was happy

“dis wan don come, shioor!” Chidera said hissing

Tayo just let out a fake smile and looked at Daniel…

He came over to where she was

“babyy” he said

He then kissed her on the lips

He seemed happy to see her and the whole class placed their attention on them…

He then asked “did you sleep well princess?”

“oh yes I did” she looked at him smiling,she was lost,she  looked at him as if nothing else mattered, then he Kissed her again and went to his seat

Chidera’s mouth was wide open….she couldnt believe her eyes….



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