When Tayo got home,the gate was locked! Meaning her dad was already back!


“hewu! I’m in trouble!” She said


She knocked softly on the gate…


The gateman had sharp ears to hear the knock..


“Tayo , na you?”he asked


“yes, na me, open the gate”Tayo replied


He opened the gate and let her in, as she came in, he looked at her from head to toe


“oga don come back oh! You dey for biggg soup!” “where you go seff?” He asked


” I go collect something from Chidera” Tayo said, lying


“but you no tell me that one when you dey go na, quick dey go inside sha”he said ending the conversation.


Tayo knew that if she used the main door the tension would be too much and won’t be enough time to construct a good lie..


“what time is it seff” Tayo said to herself, she brought out her phone and checked time


“9:30! I’m dead!!” She said, scared..


“father lord save me from this impending death!” She said clasping her hands together, looking at the sky


She swallowed her saliva as she reached the front door, she had no choice..


She knocked and almost immediately she could hear the bolts unlock, as the door opened she saw her angry mother, the short plumpy woman welcomed her with a hot slap!


“nibo lo loh?!” Tayo’s mother asked meaning (where did you go?)


“mummy I..”


“shut up!”Mrs. Davies screamed


Tayo saw her younger sister kneeling with her two hands up,sobbing,meaning she had gotten several strokes also meaning she blew her cover..”but mummy I went to Chidera’s place to borrow a book”she said trying to cover up


” I called Chidera’s mother and I spoke to Chi myself,she said you weren’t there! Temitayo nibo lo loh?!” Mrs. Davies asked,slapping her again


‘What else could she say’ Tayo thought….


Tayo then said almost in tears.. “I went to her house I knocked but no one opened the door for me so I went to another classmate’s house at the other part of the estate to borrow the book”


“why didn’t you tell me that you were going out”Mrs. Davies asked calming down a little bit


” I knew you wouldn’t let me out again and the assignment I was doing was quite important and I was in great need of the book, I’m sorry ma”Tayo said sobbing


“I didn’t know I would take so much time,because my classmate was even explaining the parts I didn’t understand to me, I’m sorry ma” Tayo said again


“is that why you dragged your sister into your business, you are trying me Temitayo!, its a good thing your father has gone to bed, now get out!”she said releasing the two sisters..


Tayo had to pet her little sister and beg her, and she forgave Tayo


She was in a lot of trouble that evening but she couldn’t feel sad because she felt what put her in trouble was worth it..



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