Tayo didn’t know what to do, she wanted him to explain, she wanted him to talk to her, she wanted him to beg…

But Daniel wasn’t down for that.

She decided to call him, she knew that she shouldn’t be doing that but she wanted an explanation so bad, she didn’t mind…

“hello?” Daniel said as he picked his call

Tayo started talking angrily… “you! You had the guts to sleep with my best friend, how could you?, you are such a whore, male slut! A guy who cant keep his “thing” between his legs in one place, a brainless idiot! a fool! A bast…….”

“hold it there madam, I’m not a your servant that you can talk to anyhow, since you just want to keep ranting and showing how dumb and stupid you are, I have nothing to say to you! B***h!” Then he hung up

What just happened?, tayo thought

“Isn’t he supposed to explain and apologize,or was I too harsh? I shouldn’t have talked to him that way” tayo said

Tayo could be really stupid sometimes, don’t you think?she didn’t let her best friend explain but she’s ready to listen to anything that fuckboy has to say!

Tayo started calling, he wasn’t picking, she didn’t stop, she started texting too, he was reading her messages but he didn’t reply.

Tayo started crying like a fool, again!

Her phone rang…it was Daniel…she was so happy

“you called?” He said, grudgingly.

“hey baby, I just wanted to apologise I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean all those things I said, I should have let you explain, I’m so sorry, I’m really hurt, I was angry..i didn’t mean to say those things….”

“I’d just warn you, in your life, don’t ever talk to me like that again!” Daniel said shouting at her

” but I said I’m sorry, please I really am” she said almost crying.

“it’s cool, I’m just warning you, you know I’m nice, it’s okay, we’re cool now” Daniel said

“but Daniel why, why did you do that with chidera” tayo asked

” your friend is a slut, that’s it, she wanted it and I gave it to her, she’s not a good person, besides we did it before we started dating and let me tell you a secret, she really doesn’t like you, all those tears were fake, you need to hear all what she said about you, I love you tayo for real, I will ride or die for you anytime, you mean everything to me and I don’t want you to be friends with the wrong person, stop hanging out with that girl she’s not a good person” Daniel said

Tayo believed him, it was almost seemed like he had bewitched her, she developed deep and intense hatred for chidera…

She vowed never to have anything to do with her, little did she know she was making the worst mistake of her life…

Is this really love between Daniel and tayo?




Things refused to get better between Tayo and Chidera, no matter how Chidera tried to apologize and explain herself to Tayo , Tayo wasn’t ready to listen to her…..

Months passed, Tayo and her classmates, including Daniel and Chidera, took their SSC Exams, they graduated from Secondary school and many people parted ways, expect for those who stayed around the same vicinity like Tayo ,Daniel and chidera.

Tayo refused to take JAMB examinations with the big lie ‘that she wasn’t ready’, the truth was that she didn’t take the exam because Daniel said he wasn’t taking it, she didn’t want to leave him behind, she claimed that she loved him too much…

Chidera on the other hand, gained admission into the University of Lagos, she was elated! She would have told Tayo but Tayo wouldn’t care, she hated her and she wouldn’t wish her well, so she kept the good news to herself…

One Saturday afternoon, Tayo paid a visit to Daniel, she was lying on his bed in his room with him and she asked for his phone…

“what do you need my phone for?” Daniel asked

” I want to play candy crush Na!”she said and then she kissed him on his cheek as a bribe

“I’d uninstall this game very soon, just take!”he said handing the phone to her, “enjoy it while it lasts” he continued

Tayo laughed softly”thank you baby!”

“I’m coming, I want to use the toilet” Daniel said then he left the room, tayo was about opening the candy crush app when a text message came in from a certain. “Tracy” she opened the message and it read I’m sorry baby, I won’t be available to go to the movies tomorrow,how about some other time?’..

.’Movies with another girl?’ Tayo thought

Daniel opened the door so she quickly went back to the candy crush app, she was thinking of a way to find out what was going on, she knew that the ‘tracy’ girl had changed plans but he doesn’t…

“Babe, should I come over tomorrow afternoon?”Tayo asked Daniel she wanted to see what he’d say..

“No! I have plans” he said

“what plans,can’t you cancel them for me” Tayo said

“no I cant it’s important, my aunt called, she wants to see my brother and I” Daniel lied

Tayo was sure he was up to something..

“okay then, I’d be going home now”

“okay babe let me see you off”Daniel said

Tayo was helping her mum in the kitchen when Daniel’s call came in, she left the kitchen to receive his call

“hey sweetie”she said as she picked up

“hello tayo, you can come over tomorrow if you want my aunt cancelled”he sounded disappointed

He must have probably seen ”tracy’s” text

“I can’t come tomorrow, I have to go to the shop with my mum, she needs help with some things” tayo said, she lied

“okay babe,bye”Daniel said

“bye”tayo said

Something in her told her to pay Daniel a surprise visit and she agreed to do so…..

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  • Fucking four
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    Hhhhhhhmmmm daniel bhad, baddo baddest this story is saying something abt me

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