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”Should Tayo know about this, it would hurt her..” Chidera said to herself as she walked away, she tried her best to avoid Tayo for the rest of the day.

Tayo on the other hand was more than curious,she wanted to know the secret that her best friend was keeping from her, she noticed that she was avoiding her,she didn’t even want to go home with her.

She decided to pay Chidera a surprise visit

“Good evening ma” Tayo greeted

Chidera’s mum was the one who opened the door.. “my dear how are you” Chidera’s mum said with a smile

She was a chubby woman, lightskinned too..

“is Chi home?”

“no oh, after school she said she was going to the library”

Library? there’s no library in that area, so that means Chidera went somewhere else

“okay ma,tell her I stopped by”.

Tayo was suspecting something fishy, she was walking around the estate till she got to Daniel’s side of the estate, she hoped that she would see him. Tayo walked for a little while then she saw Chidera! But, she wasn’t alone,she was with a boy, she moved a little closer and tried to see if she knows the boy..

He was tall, had full hair

He looked alot like Daniel…

Wait, it was Daniel!

“Daniel and Chidera??” Tayo said. She looked puzzled,she moved closer, close enough to hear what they were saying but she hid herself…

“Tayo doesn’t have to know!”Daniel said almost getting angry

“you’re a bad person! She has to know”

“bad you say, but you like me that way,don’t you?” Daniel said.

Tayo didn’t see anything meaningful in their conversation but curiosity made her stay and she continued to listen

“listen I won’t say anything if you leave her alone and stop playing her” Chidera said almost in tears

“I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have….”

“but you kept coming back for more!” Daniel interrupted

“Coming back??, for what?? did they??.. “No they wouldn’t even try..” Tayo thought

She moved closer it was a good thing they were not facing her, she hid behind a huge black board that had the scores of a football match written on it..

“I shouldn’t have had sex with you that evening I know I was wrong! I acted like a whore!” Chidera said crying already

No one was close enough to see them so they had the freedom to express themselves..meanwhile Tayo was already feeling dizzy. Her best friend and her boyfriend had sex? tear drops began to roll down her cheeks, no wonder! Chidera was against her relationship with Daniel,she thought it was because she didn’t tell her but she now knows the reason why….

“was it only that evening??, you came back four more times! The sex was good but I’m with Tayo now besides, she’s a virgin.”

Tayo lost her balance and the board fell, Chi and Daniel turned around and saw Tayo ,Chidera started crying profusely as soon as she saw Tayo ..

“Tay it’s not what you think”Daniel said…

Tayo ran out,crying….



Tayo cried her eyes out that evening, she locked herself in her room, she didn’t want anyone in the house to see her in that state, how could her best friend betray her like that?

She picked up her phone to text Daniel, she was ready to break up with him, she started the relationship so she can equally end it. Almost immediately, her phone rang, it was Chidera, she rolled her eyes and ignored the call.

Chidera called her again,

Tayo ignored.

She called back three more the fourth time, Tayo picked up, Chidera didn’t even let Tayo utter anything, she started talking

“Tayo I’m sorry, it’s really not what you think, I didn’t mean to do what I did, besides it was before you started dating him, he…..”

Tayo interrupted her “shut up you classless whore! Now I see why you were so angry when you found out we were dating, you did such a thing and kept it to yourself! You wanted him to yourself all along! That won’t be a problem anymore, I’d break up with him, then you’d be happy, I never want to have anything to do with you! I hate you! With everything in me! I hate you!” Then she hung up.

Chidera weeped profusely, her elder who was with her started consoling her

Chidera was hurt and at the same time she felt bad, her love for Tayo was unconditional, she didn’t mean to hurt her like that, she wasn’t also given the chance to explain..

“she didn’t even let me explain, I didn’t mean to sleep with him sister Chioma I swear!” She struggled to say while she was admist tears

“what happened that evening” her sister asked calmly

Chidera wiped her faced and she started explaining….”One evening, I decided to take a stroll around the estate, and I saw Daniel’s elder brother, I’ve known him for some time now, he used to work as an attendant at a supermarket, sometimes he doesn’t let me pay for the things I buy, he’s a really nice person.”

“I don’t want to hear about Daniel’s brother, what really happened that evening!” Chioma, Chidera’s elder sister said impatiently

“I’m getting to it, you’re supposed to be easy on me, and you know I’m not feeling happy at all…”

“okay! okay! I’m sorry, go on.” Chioma said

“he invited me to his house for a drink, I hesitated at first but he insisted so I followed, it was that day I found out that he and Daniel were siblings. After a couple of drinks, I got really tipsy, Daniel’s brother then left the house, I really don’t know how it happened but Daniel and I had sex that day, I feel so dirty right now!” Chidera started crying again..

“but why did you go back four more times!” Chioma asked

“He was always texting me, telling me he liked me and I should come over to his place and anytime I go to see we always ‘did’ it” Chidera said, sobbing

“I didn’t know he liked Tayo , I thought she was the one who was crushing on him, I thought he was only being nice to her because of the way he talked to her when he first resumed, he’s been at our school for barely two months and I’ve done all this with him” Chidera continued, then she started crying again, her sister started comforting her and told her not to feel dirty, Chidera couldn’t stop crying, she felt really bad.

Meanwhile, Tayo was composing the message she would send to Daniel, how she’d use her words so he’d be hurt to his veins, as she switched on her mobile data, she was expecting a message from Daniel, maybe an apology or something else, either way, she wanted him to talk…

No message from Daniel, she switched off her data and she switched from on again, nothing, no message..

She forgot about what she wanted to send to him, she was too startled and disappointed.

She sent a ‘broken heart’ emoji.

Few minutes later he replied with just ‘how far’!

Tayo opened her mouth wide with awe!

Then she replied ”dont you think have some explaining to do concerning what I heard this evening?”

Daniel then replied ”I don’t think so, nothing happened today”

Tayo just stared at the message like she couldn’t understand what she was reading…..

To be continued!!!

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