Babe, I did my part na! Do something to me too” Daniel said

Tayo thought she was a boss chick, she quickly remembered how she used to shun Korede on how boring he was now she is in that position on, she didn’t know what to do…..

“To be honest Daniel, I have never been this intense…….”

“you don’t know what to do right?” Daniel said interrupting her

“teach me”

Daniel laughed “hmmmmmm, first you’d….”

The doorbell rang..

“damn! My bro is back”

“He’d be cool na, he has met me before” Tayo said

“I know but we had a fight yesterday,he might start acting up maybe you should go”………

*********Episode fifteen*****************


“How to improve foreplay as a laady….”

Tayo was with her phone in her room, she decided to take her little ‘issue’ to google, and fortunately for her ‘’ had various answers to her question. The search results were numerous, different things from many sites, there were videos too! Tayo wasn’t looking for porn so she didn’t watch the videos, she saw a particular heading ”5 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR FOREPLAY AND KEEP YOUR MAN FOREVER!”

That caught her attention, she clicked on it and started reading….

”1. Make sure your tongue game is on point…”

“tongue game?” Tayo said to her self, she didn’t really get that, she shrugged and continued reading

”2. Guide him and put his hand in the right places….”

Tayo looked at her chest, she obviously understood that one..

”3. Be submissive, don’t resist, let him handle you the way he wants….”

Tayo remembered when she told him not to touch her breasts, and how he told her that he has right over them, she rolled her eyeballs and kept reading..

”4.lick and kiss him everywhere, yes, everywhere!…”

Then she read the last one

”5. Play with his D like it’s yours, rule one is very useful here…..”

This one didn’t go down well with Tayo , she didn’t want to start what she couldn’t finish, reading rule 5 made her understand rule one now….

She didn’t know if she should take heed to these rules…she dropped her phone and went to meet her mom in the kitchen, she wasn’t ready for her mom’s trouble that evening…

“Chi, borrow me your government note abeg” Tayo said to Chidera at school the following day

“why, your boyfriend is also offering government isn’t it?”

“stop jare, borrow me now abeg” Tayo said.

Chidera stood up and walked out…

Tayo was dumbfounded, what was that for?

She shrugged and turned to ask someone else for the note…

Chidera didn’t speak to Tayo for three periods, the bell rang for short break, Chidera was about leaving her seat when Tayo held her hand..

“madam, what’s up now, you dey vex”

Chidera just looked at her with disgust

“ahahn, wetin happen Na!”

“why I no go vex!” Chidera said

“your so called best friend did not know about your relationship with Daniel!”

“are we still on this?, I thought we’ve already resolved the issue why are you so bothered anyway, I thought you didn’t even liked Daniel, why the sudden hatred!” Tayo said

Chidera calmed down and lowered her voice a bit more

“Tayo I love you but I want the best for you”

“but he makes me happy” Tayo said

“you think so but he isn’t good for you… I think it’s time I confess….”

Daniel came from behind and gave Tayo a hug, Chidera rolled her eyeballs and left in anger……



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