THE LIFE I DIDN’T WISH FOR (episode four)


My mom finally got me happy with her sweet words. I so much love her, she is my comforter.  I try as much as possible to always be a source of joy to her, that makes me think success is not an option but a must for me. 
         After the tension came down, mother entertained us with a good song, She is  a great singer too. After the singing was concluded we started to gist. The love and closenes  between my mother and I is incomparable, we play like friends and talk like sisters. We are so close to the extent that I know whenever she’s lying to me. The way she plays with me make me think of her as my age mate atimes but, I make sure I don’t take it for granted, I would never talk to her anyhow. I shower her with the maximum respect I can give her. Whenever my brother and I are sleeping, she tickles our ears and hides her hand quickly as if to pretend she didn’t do anything at all. Even when I arrive from school, I give her every details of what took place in school. How a teacher flogged a student for some senseless reasons, how our government teacher called himself a mad man because we frustrated him in the class. He came to the assembly ground the next day, as if to make an important announcement, only for him to point fingers at my class mates saying let me tell you something, “I’m a mad man”. Even when some students were caught kissing in the school premises, the principal had asked the time keeper to ring the bell for emergency assembly. We all assembled ourselves at the pavilion. The students were called upon and was told to marry the pillar while the principal called upon the most disciplined teacher Mr Okon who likes to act tough to make the students get scared of him but the students especially those in senior class didn’t care about his act anymore so they tease him whenever he flogs  students using words like “yeeehh” “Booooo”. 
I’ll give my mother all these details, adding the expression of the students while I add mine also. She would laugh and clap her hands together as if to show amazement. At times , she laughs to the extent that tears starts dropping from her eyes. After all these, she’d give me details of what had happened in my absence when I was at school. Even the day some police men came to our street to arrest some guys because they heard the information that they were into internet fraud.  My mum had told me that they were all having fun with their girlfriends in the house when the police came in to arrest them. She told me they were dragged by their belts as if they were criminals. She will tell me all these while her hands are on her waist standing akimbo while I open my mouth forming an “O” shape with it. Most times, I reply with statement like “Are you serious “, “it’s a lie”, “you don’t mean it”. She will move her shoulders swiftly as if to show seriousness while giving a facial expression saying “I’m telling you”. Oh my mum! She’s the best gist partner.        Although, there are times she’d promise not to tell me anything but it seems she tends to forget and she still comes back to me seeking for my advice like I’m as experienced as she is. When I say I thought you promise not to tell me, She’d give me response like if I don’t tell you,  who will I tell?? I’d smile at her knowing fully well that I’m her confidant and best friend, as if I was saying it to reassure myself . She always tell people that her wards are her friends.. indeed she’s right because she share the same relationship with my brother, only that he’s still a kid and they both have limited things to say unlike me. Oh maami, I love her so much, she’s simply amazing 

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  • Neemah
    April 18, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    My mother is always going to be my bestfriend

  • Otunba
    October 2, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    Love dis story mothers the best

  • Emmanuel
    October 3, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    My mom my pride.


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