He came in shortly after their conversation, I was terrified and I didn’t know how to act. I didn’t know if I was suppose to raise my voice at him or just pretend like I heard nothing.

God! Why is all these happening to Me? What have I done to deserve all these?

“What’s up Sholape, are you enjoying yourself?” He asked with a smile

Animal, why is he smiling at me, the heart of man is wicked oo.. after all he has said downstairs and what his intention to Me is, he’s still smiling like he wishes me well(thoughts)

“Hmm yeah! I’m enjoying myself”

“Hmmmm Sholape, our love use to be very strong, you know how much we both loved and cherished ourselves, I wish we could go back to how we use to be. I miss you Sholape, I miss your smile, your love, I miss your lips”, he said as he moved closer to me.

I knew he was about to accomplish his goal, oh no! God, what can I do? Is this how my life is going to end? I thought to myself.

He moved closer to me saying; “Sholape kiss me”, he said to me.

I stood there motionless as I didn’t know what to do about this new Kayode here. “Kiss me Sholape”, he ordered again, this time, coming very close to me causing us to exchange breath. “Kiss me Sholape” he said for the first time moving my head up to his for me to obey his order. He was about bringing his lips to mine when I said “Kayode this is not you”.

“What has gone wrong with you? You were not the kid that stood by me at my trying times. You’re not the same guy I use to tell my troubles too, you’re not the same guy who holds me and says the future is bright, you’re not the guy who tells me he would always be here for me, you’re not the guy who told me he was going to study abroad, you’re not the guy who wants to make his parents proud, you’re not the guy who wants his siblings to look up to you” I said with so much tears.

“Stop it sholape! Stop! Stop! Dont torture me” he said with so much tears in his eyes while holding his head as if he was trying to block some things from entering..

“who is this strange being in front of me” I said trying to get the soft part of him. “Stop Sholape, I tried, I tried all I could but death was cruel. It took away my parents in my first year of school. The both of them without sparing none. I was young, my father’s family memeber didn’t help matters as they took my parents property leaving us with nothing to feed on. How would I have taken care of myself and siblings? I had to do what I had to do so I became friends with the guys in other to making a living. They were into internet fraud I learnt so fast and I became a pro in no time. I used the money in taking care of my siblings but as time goes on the money became small so I had to go into robbery. I became the gang leader when the boss died. We’ve robbed alot in Ghana. I’ve been living my life this way but things don’t always get enough. I came back to Nigeria because the crimes I’ve comitted is just too much. When I got here a friend introduced me to an herbalist in other for my wealth to be everlasting. The man told me I need the blood of a virgin. The day I saw you coincidentally I said to myself that my prayer has been answered but looking at you now, I don’t think I can use you”.

I couldn’t say a word as I used my hands to cover my mouth while I cried. How cruel can human be? Kayode use to be my lover, he was going to use me for ritual. I couldn’t even tell him I heard all he said, I couldn’t even ask him why he thought of using me after all the love.

“No no no.. Sholape, you’re still a virgin right?” He asked.

“No I’m not”, I said in a very shaky voice. “No that’s not true, you’re lying to me right? Is it because I told you my story?” “I swear I’m not lying, I lost it to someone years back”.

“You’re lying Sholape”, he said while he pushed me to the bed, immediately raising my dress up.

“Please don’t do this Kayode, this isn’t You, don’t do this please”.

“Sholape I’ve to do what I’ve to do, I don’t wanna be just a random person. I want wealth, fortune, I don’t want this to happen to my children”.

“Kayode please stop this, things can still get better without you being dirty. Have you forgotten nothing last forever? What is going to be your call? How do you want your children’s lives to be?”

“Get out of my house this minute. I don’t ever want to see you. You’re just like every other girl. I knew you were a pretender back then at school. I left you a virgin and I came back meeting you loosed. I’m sorry, I don’t eat reminants”. Get out!

You weren’t gonna make love to me, you were going to use me for ritual, I heard it all and you said it yourself.. Kayode, I broke into uncontrollable tears, as he pushed me out of his room.



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