“Stop looking at me like you’ve seen a ghost, I’m still the same guy you use to know”, he said.

I gave him a fake smile.

“Where are you headed now?”, he asked

“Well I’m going home, I just came here to get things for my aunt”.

“Okay dear, let me drop you off”, he offered.

What has gone wrong with Kayode?his ride is a car not a motor. It spelt money written over it. Something is definitely wrong, Kayode isn’t the type who uses material things to show his worth. I need to know what is wrong. The drive back to my home was awkward as I was still in shock not because I’ve not seen him in a long time, but because he’s changed so drastically, from the way he talks, to his dress sense and all. He kept talking but all I could do was reply with a smile. We both exchanged numbers and we fixed a date for the next weekend.



“Hello, I’m on my way”,he said over the phone.

“Okay, I’d be waiting for you at the bus stop, I said.

That was kayode’s call. Oh my God I’ve to be fast with all I’m doing so as not to mess things up. I got to the bus stop a little bit late, while his black car was parked beside an eatry. I knocked at the window in other for him to acknowledge my presence. The door came open while I sat shyly beside him.

“Hello”, I said to him.

He replied with a flirty smile.. “Sholape o sa ni pa mi( you won’t kill me)”, he said. “Look at how beautiful you’ve grown to be, I’m happy to have found you again at least, this blessing won’t pass me by” he said in a flirty tone while he touched my cheek.

All I did was to smile at him because I didn’t even know what to say to him.

“I’m sure you’re hungry dear, lets get some thing to eat and then all other things would follow”.

I noded my head in reply. We got to an eatry very close to his area I suppose, we ate in silence while we exchanged glances. I don’t know, something is just so strange about Kayode. I can’t just place it, he kept receiving calls and saying some strange things over the phone. I’ve to know what it is with Kayode.

We got done in no time so we went back to the car to drive to his house. The drive back to his place was really awkward.

“Sholape, have I turned to a total stranger to you?” He asked.

“This one you’re just looking and you’re not saying anything. Don’t worry, you’ll loosen up once I give those lips of yours the light in my lips”, he added.

We got a very big estate, his house was the last on the street.

Oh my God! this house is amazing, I thought to myself. This sure doesn’t look like the house Kayode use to live with his parents.

“Olorun oba, (God) What’s going on in this man’s life?” I asked myself.

We entered the house which was well furnished with highly expensive furniture which spelt fortune. Some guys were also there with their laptops. They all looked extravagant just like Kayode.

God! hope its not what I’m thinking. “Come on in Sholape, these are my guys”, he said .

Greetings were exchanged, while Kayode asked me to follow him to his room.

At this point, I couldn’t hold my thoughts to myself as I was frightened. I moved closer to him, if truly he loved me then, there should be a way I could ask him all that has gone wrong. I was about moving closer to him when he said “wait let me get you something to chill with”.

I didn’t want to look or act uncomfortable so I played along. He left me and went to God knows. I couldn’t stop looking around, alot has changed about him, the room looks like that in five star hotels Every thing seems awkward or is it just me??

Suddenly I felt the urge to urinate, hmm Kayode didn’t show me to the toilet, I should call him, I thought to myself. It wouldn’t be a big deal if I locate the toilet myself, but he knows his house better. I can’t wait for him to come in, I don’t know when he would be coming in. It might seem too forward of me going downstairs to get him to show me to the toilet, let me just give him a call over the phone. Oh no, I ran out of airtime last night. All these thoughts kept pondering in my heart as I didn’t want it to look like I’m suspicious nor do I want to act weird. For all I know, what if its just my thinking playing pranks on me? Kayode might still be a good person Afterall. I can’t hold this let me just call him, I left the room in an attempt to get Kayode downstairs.

“Na the babe be that?” A voice asked

“Yes o, na she”

“She use to be my girlfriend, I loved her a lot then. I swear guys I left her a virgin, I’m sure she’s still a virgin, she promised to keep herself until the day of her wedding”.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt bad about losing my virginity and now my real love is back. I knew he was still a good boy, I was just being nervous

“Well, her decision is good for us, at least, she woukd be our source of wealth”, a voice said.

“Immediately baba asked me to get a virgin, my mind immediately went to her, that’s the only reason why I’m in Nigeria, you know money must be made”, Kayode said

“Yes o money must be made, oya sharply corner her, so we can quickly go to baba, I can’t wait to start spending the dollars” a voice said.

“Guy, ritual is the way. No dulling, there should always be a plan b in a man’s life and this is my own plan b” Kayode added.

What? What? Kayode wants to use me for ritual? No it can’t be. Noo He can’t do something like that. I immediately tip toed to the room I was, I couldn’t stop crying. Why is life so cruel to me? Even Kayode? Why me? I thought he loved me? Will I survive this? How do I leave here?




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  • Abolade Tolu
    September 11, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Hmmmmmm….Dere is solution my Sister…Pray to God to show u an escape route…


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