I woke up the next day feeling weak, so I had to visit the clinic to get some drugs. After which, I’d proceed to Gaffar’s. I did all neccessary things while I also got the drugs from the clinic. By the time I was prepared to go see Gaffar, it was past 3. I went anyway, on getting there, the gate man opened the gate while I asked after Gaffar, he told me he wasn’t around.

“This can’t be true”, I said to him.

“This is his car parked here in the compound”, I countered.

” Madam ah say oga no dey” he repeated again.

Wow I’ve now become someone they chase out of the house with lies, I thought to myself.

“Please Garuba, let me see oga, I’ve something very important to say to him, I’m sure you’re serving God and you want God’s mercy to be upon you, please let me see him please” I said almost in tears, as I didn’t know things had turned this way this soon.

“Kai madam, oga he don talk say make hi no let you come, he say he go sack me”, he said.

“But I go do you good because you don do me good” he said smiling and opening his mouth which shows his already brown teeth, having all sort of dirt from the goro he eats all day.

“Okay madam, oga dey for backyard for garden with another madam”.

“What? Another what? Another madam?” I questioned with tears.

“Yes madam, oga dey with another madam. He say make I no disturb am but you fit go meet am for backyard, no tell am say na me give you chance, tell am say I no see me”.

God, what have I done to deserve all these? I wanted to ask who the other madam was but he already went into his apartment.

Is this what life holds for people like me? Is it wrong to have friends? Is it wrong to be a virgin? Is it wrong to be in love, are we all suppose to distrust everybody even a common stranger we see on the road on daily basis? in the bus? in a store? even in a place of worship?

I went to garden but no one seem to be there, could Garuba be playing pranks on me about Gaffar been here. I was about turning back to meet Garuba so I could tell him no one was here when I heard the sound of a female saying “you’re so sweet” in between her laughter. I immediately recognised the voice, tears rolled down my eyes as I couldn’t believe my thoughts. Let me trace the voice so as not to rush into conclusion, I went ahead, I didn’t move too far when I saw Gaffar sitting on the chair while a lady was sitting on his laps, hanging her hands around his neck laughing like she’s in the happiest place in the world. I went closer as they didn’t notice any one was around so I had to move so close in other for them to feel my presence. It was not until I moved closer that I noticed the lady was ADENIKE, my thoughts were right afterall, at this moment my tears couldn’t stop flowing like river. I screamed and called Gaffar before they could realize I was there. They were in a middle of a romance when I called Gaffar, his fingers were in the home of Adenike’s private part while her dress was half pulled which was showing her bra while the dress was hanging on her stomach side, her nipple was about popping out. They both looked relaxed and they stood up when they noticed me. She tried adjusting herself while she leaned chest to chest with Gaffar.

“Oh its you”, he said with so much pettiness.

I felt embarassed as my presence meant nothing to them. At this moment, my tears was uncontrollable but I still wanted to ask him alot of questions. I wanted to ask when he started meeting Adenike, I wanted to ask if he has been meeting her even while he was with me, I wanted to ask if its true what they all said but all I could do was cry because even their presence is enough to make me sad.

“Would you say something or you came here to showcase your stupidity?” Adenike said.

I felt irritated and angry so I moved closer in an attempt to slap some senses into her head when Gaffar stopped me and said;

“look girl, you have no reason to come here to cause trouble cause I got done with you the moment I got into your panties”

“look at you, do you think you stand a chance of being’s girl? I only came to you because they dared me, he confessed.

“Look at you, you don’t even fit my standard, in fact this is more like I lost because I had to clothe you and make you look presentable. I don’t love wretched people but I hate to be dared so honey, you were one of the games”, he added .

I couldn’t cry anymore as I opened my mouth in shock.

“Please if you’re done picking gabbage exit this premisis”, Adenike said.

I couldn’t say a word as I turned to leave with so much shame and embarrassment. Life is cruel.




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