I was at the door trying to pull my sandals, when I heard;

 “so the stupid girl allowed to get down with her? I told you guys she was just a pretender, That God forsaken goat, now she has runied my chances with Gaffar. 

God o! Well I’ll step up my game. I knew she was going to give in, infact, I didn’t know it was going to be this late. What matters is that our deal came through. God, I really want to hear the full gist, if she’ll be moaning like a learner that she is or if she was moaning loud and shouting “oh give it to me daddy” ha God o sholape don tear eye”.

 I stayed there motionless while tears kept runing down my cheeks, I was filled with rage and anger but I didn’t know what to do. How did they know I got deflowered? Who could have told them. “Why are you been stupid? Didn’t you hear all they just said? It was a bet, they had a bet on your virginity”, my subconscious added. 

God I’ve been doomed, so all these was all a plan all along? So Gaffar tricked me into thinking he was going to marry me? No no no this can’t be, Gaffar can’t be as heartless as these girls. He loves me, he told me that countless times, he was sweet to me, he was caring, he showered me with a lot of gifts, he listened to me, he helped me. Could all these be planned too? There’s a mix up somewhere. May be its not my own Sholape and Gaffar they are talking about, I need clarifications.

   I summoned courage to go inside in other to confront them. I barged inside, they all had different expressions on their faces, one was of shock, the other was of guilt, one was of sympathy and the other was showing no remorse at all.

 “Is all these true?” I asked them.

 They were all dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything . 

“Please tell me if all these is true”, I asked again. 

Zainab was about saying something when Adenike shut her up.

 “Zainab please dont even act like this towards this bitch. She wanted it and she got it, silly bitch, stupid prostitute opening her legs because of money”. “Enough! enough! Zainab yelled in tears, we’re at fault here and we’re suppose to admit our mistakes, we have no right to change people’s lives. We bet on her virginity which is wrong. We should have known Gaffar was like this, we should have told her, we should have warned her, we should have cared for her because we knew she was going to fall for him”.

 I wanted to tell you Sholape, but you were too happy, I didn’t want to ruin your happiness, I thought Gaffar had already changed his mind, but I should have warned you regardless. I’m sorry for my wrongs Sholape, you were too in love. I’m sorry, she pleaded.

 I was too dumbfounded to say a word, so I left the room in tears.

I couldn’t sleep in that room with those betrayals so I slept in one of my course mate’s room with the hope of going to see Gaffar the next day so he could explain to me if all these were true. 

I couldn’t sleep all night because i can’t believe i let myself get played, I can’t believe I was too stupid to see. Every thing was too good to be true, I can’t believe I let myself get played by those I call my friends. I should have known better since Adenike started throwing shades at me. 

Ha! how wicked can people be? She initiated a plan and she was picking fights with me for the plan she initiated. I can’t belive this. I can’t belive I let myself down. I disappointed my mother, I allowed money took the better part of me, I forgot Kayode the only one thar truly loves me for some idiot Gaffar. Is this the punishment for my greed? Is this what I get for being impatient? I should have just waited for Kayode. Who will I tell my story to that would belive me? I let my brother down, I let my aunt down. I disappointed my mother, how would I prove to my father that my mother trained me right? How would I prove to him that I’m more than what he sees me as? I’m just a shame.





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  • Neemah
    August 22, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Lord save me From unfriendly friends… ha Gaffar is such a wicked guy

  • Abolade Tolu
    August 22, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Oooooo,this suspense is too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayomide
    August 24, 2017 at 10:00 am

    This piece is so good. I can’t wait for the next part. 👏 👏


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