Ever since I got back from the party, things hasn’t been smooth with Gaffar and I. Although he’s been apologising, but I’m too stronghearted to accept his plead. He called me this afternoon saying “he’d like to see me so we can talk things over”. I’ll be meeting him at night in his house. Well, I’ve to look my best because I’ve not seen him in days now and I’ve missed him so much.

Albert was coming to pick me up as usual by 7 so I’ve enough time to prepare.

The day went so fast and it was seven already. I was putting on my blue dress which is an ankle length, not so free and not so tight just normal and sexy. We got to the gigantic mansion while I already sighted Gaffar at the tree side holding a glass of wine. I was happy to see him again but my pride controlled me so I was able to act like I didn’t care.

“Hey sweet” he said, trying to move closer to peck me.

I moved backwards not wanting him to touch me at all even though I feel a little different today.

“C’mon baby, are you still mad at me?” “What more do you want me to do to rectify this? You rejected my gifts, even the novels I got for you, you weren’t replying my text messages. Do you know how that made me feel? I couldn’t eat for days, I fell sick all because of you, I even sent people to help me apologise, yet you’re still adamant. Mummy and daddy also wanted to see you to apologise for their act, is this how you’d have acted to them if they were around?” He said all that in anger and left me standing alone.

Oh my! What have I done to bring out this rage in him. Even though I wasn’t sure of Gaffar’s love initially, all his acts during our quarrel made me love him more. I’ve to apologise to him and I sure would not have acted this way if his parent were here, I mean I wouldn’t want my in- law to think low of me.

I wouldn’t want them thinking their wife to be is a spoilt brat when in actual sense, I’m a good girl from a good home. I’ve to apologise to him and tell him how much I love him too.

I searched for him everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. I figured he’d be upstairs in his room. Aside the birthday celebration, I’ve been to his house when he was sick and both his parents weren’t around. I rushed upstairs and I found him in his room sitting on the floor crying. God guilt was all I could feel. How can I be so blind to see how much a man loves me. I knelt in front of him saying I’m sorry but he wouldn’t stop crying, asking if it was a crime to love me?

‘What else do you want me to do?”

God I couldn’t say anything because its all my fault that he’s in this condition. “Gaffar I’m sorry, I didn’t know you love me this much and I swear I love you too more than words can express”.

“Sholape, I love you, can’t you see?” He said raising my head up so I could look up at him.

At this time, we were already so close to eachother and the enviroment was intense. I wiped his tears while I gave my last apology. I look into his eyes and all I could see was love. oh my! This is my stopping point, I could get married to Gaffar right now because this feeling isn’t the same. At this point, I wanted his hand all over my body, I wanted his smell all over me, I wanted to travel down his eyes to know what he was feeling, I wanted us to breath at the same pace while our hearts beats in rhythm, I wanted more of him, his body and soul.

“Let me love you Sholape”, he said in a low tone.

This sent some type of feeling to my body as I raised my head once more to look at him. Gosh I don’t know what this feeling is but I don’t ever want this to stop. “Love me” was all I could manage to say with a weak voice filled with lust.

He brought my face closer to his which made our lips come in contact. We started to kiss lips to lips in a very slow motion. I wasn’t really good at this so he chuckled at my mistake and said; “dont worry, I love your imperfections”.

At this moment, I wanted more of him and I was done with the talking so I initiated the kiss myself. We went tongue in tongue out and by doing this I was really wet. He used his hand to curb my breast from within which made me make a soft moan “hmm” he moved my body closer which made our chest come closer, I could feel the intense and fire from him. He moved his hands around my body, going down to my lap while sending a shock down to my spine. He kissed my neck and mumbled at my ear a little. He kept on touching my lap area and didn’t stop with kisses until he was able to pull my cloth without me knowing how. He helped me up while he continued kissing me and laid me on the bed peacefully saying “gosh you’re so sweet”.

He kissed me from my lips, down to my neck and navel making me feel some type of way. He caressed my body, he caressed my breast softly while he moaned sofyly making a little movement down to my area. He got down there and he shifted my panties to the side when he said softly, “you’re so wet for me” at this moment, I wasn’t myself so I wanted him to do every thing he could to me. He played with my area, this made me moan out loud. I was really wet at this moment, he licked his finger which he used in playing with my area while he moved up to me. Gosh I didn’t know he was naked until I felt his member.

Gosh! he’s so huge, I thought to myself. He looked into my eyes while I had the courage to tell him I was still intact.

He smiled and said you wont regret giving it to me because I love you and you love me and that’s all that matters. He thrust his member at my door and whispered this is going to be painful but the love we have for eachother will keep us going. He kept saying sweet things to my ear while he tired penetrating. He made it slow as he was going in rhythm I let out a very loud sound of pain while he kept kissing me. Alas, his member was in me going in and out. I was deflowered, Gaffar deflowered me.

We got done and he cleaned me up, we had a little chat while he talked about our future together. We had a passionate kiss when he asked me never to leave him. I’m so happy I gave my virginity to him seems he’s going to be my husband eventally. He called upon Albert to drive me home while we bid ourselves good night.




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  • Neemah
    August 13, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Ha Mr Gaffar finally got what he wanted

  • Obafhnke
    August 13, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    He might actually love her truly, but the whole bet thingy will still surface and ruin shit up. I’m here for the next episode anyway.nice work👌🏾

  • Abolade Tolu
    August 13, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    At Last…


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