I feel so tired, I’m happy lecture is over. I was rushing back to my hostel to get food to eat but the thought of Gafar kept lingering in my head. God how I wish my dreams can come true. How I wish Gafar could be my man, how I wish he could love me and work me down the aisle. I think I’m going crazy. How can I be thinking of someone that doesn’t even know I exist? I should better get to reality because Gafar doesn’t date my type.

On getting to the hostel, the door wasn’t locked so I knocked on the door. I already heard their voices. Tara came opening the door, with a huge smile on her face asking how my day was. Oh my! Tara is such a nice girl. I exchanged greetings with all of them except for Adenike who rolled her eyes as a reply to my greeting. I wonder what’s wrong with that girl. I ignored her and started pulling my clothes. They all got back to their conversations.

“If that guy eventually become mine, I’ll give him different styles in bed. He’ll so love it to the extent that he wont have time for no one else” they all laughed hailing Adenike for her sex expertise.

“Ha Adenike my friend, you’re so good” Zainab said.

I never knew people could talk freely of their sex life. I mean no one has ever asked me. Cynthia probably saw the look on my face when she asked;

“don’t tell me you’re disgusted hearing this Sholape”?? I tried to signal to her by moving my head that I wasn’t disgusted but I failed seems I was bad at pretending. They all looked up at me. ‘Don’t tell me you’ve not heard of these styles Adenike is talking about”? She said again.

I didn’t know when I asked “what styles”?? They all laughed heartily saying “Holy Mary don come o. JJC”…..

I was embarrassed while I stood there motionless.

“Abegi, you guys believed her! she’s just pretending” Adenike said shutting me a disgusted look. “Pretender that’s what you are” she said to me.

I felt bad,I wanted to cry and raise my voice at her and tell her that I’m not pretending but no. Adenike won’t be the cause of my tears, She’s not worth it. I just turned my back at them not making them see the pain they’ve caused me. Just then Omotara said; “you guys should leave the poor girl alone, Its obvious she’s a virgin”, she said.

I felt happy within me knowing someone is at least sensible and knowing someone is reasonable enough to know virgin are human too.

“Please! Please!! don’t give us that crap. Who tell you say virgin they exist for this 21st century”? Adenike asked looking at me like she wanted to beat me.

“Haba! girls the fact that we couldn’t keep ourselves doesn’t mean others can’t”, Zainab said with so much sympathy.

“Look Sholape its good you’re a virgin and I’m proud of you, if truly you are a virgin as Omotara said”. I quickly looked up and said “Yes I’m a virgin”.

They all smiled, except for Adenike who gave a sound.

” I also want to wait till the night of my wedding”, I continued.

They all look amused and chorused; “in this 21st century”?

“Hmm God will strengthen you”, Cynthia said in a sarcastic tone.

I ignored them and laid on my bed while they kept talking of the shock I gave them. They soon stopped talking about me and continued with their sex escapade. “Abeg lower your voice o before virgin Mary will wake up” Cynthia said thinking I was asleep.

I woke up late for my general course which I had that morning. The French lecturer can be a pain in the ass. That morning, I did everything in a haste to the extent that I didn’t even remember to clean my shoes. I left for my class and the rest of the day went good and smooth.

I was about leaving my last class for the room when I realized my key wasn’t with me. Oh no! I forgot my key, I said to myself. Zainab must be in the room I thought to myself. I rushed down to my hostel, meeting my room locked like no one ever lives there. Oh my God, I’m so tired, but where could Zainab be?? I asked myself. I couldn’t take the chances of waiting for her so I thought of going to look for her. I left my bag with the hostel supervisor while I heed out to find Zainab. I’m so stupid, how could I forget my key?? I went to Zainab’s department but she wasn’t there… where could she be? I’d searched for her every where possible but I’m tired now. I’ll just go back to my hostel and wait for her. After all, it is my fault that I left my key. Just when I was about heading back to my hostel, I sighted Zainab and her group of friends standing with….. oh my God it’s Ga..f…far gosh why is this guy so perfect I asked myself. The sexy, hot freaking Gaffar. I wonder what I feel for him. This feeling is so strong and it feels new. Could it be lust or love?? Its not possible, Kayode is the only one I love but I don’t think he loves me anymore. We haven’t spoken to each other in a long while now. Who knows if he had tried my number several times but how will I know when I don’t even have a phone?.

My aunty struggles to get my clothes and all other things she also takes care of my brother. The little money Daddy gives me is spent on all other necessary things which wouldn’t even make me think of getting a phone. Well its not like I’ll die if I don’t get one. I mean I’m better of without it. My aunt reaches me through my hostel supervisor and daddy only calls once in a while.

I was getting closer to Zainab and her group of friends. Adenike saw me and turned her face away leaving me with daring glare to deal with.

Adenike’s p.o.v:

this girl just likes to ruin someone’s plan I said out loud.

“Who’s ruining your plan again o madam” Tara asked. This Tara doesn’t know how to mind her business I thought to myself. “Well it’s Sholape” I said. Just then, they all turned to give me a look including Gaffar like I’m a sort of pathetic bitch. I’d seen Sholape way before she even sighted us. I didn’t just want to raise an alarm because I don’t want her anywhere here especially now that Gafar is here. “That one wey no dey take eyes see woman”. Is not that I detest Sholape so much I just hate the fact that she has a nice shape which I’ll die to have and she’s intelligent too. Beauty with brain that’s a wicked combination. Her shape is so nice that she doesn’t have to wear tight clothes to make them obvious because they are so obvious.

She annoys me so much. She talks like she’s the good one, always reading and talking with wisdom. I hate too serious people, they bore me. I love my body structure too but I feel its not enough to earn the love of the man I love even though it has earned me enough shoot with celebrities. Now she’s really close to us. I just hope Gaffar won’t see what I see in her and thank God she’s not wearing a sexy clothe so that she won’t steal my Gaffar away from me.


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  • Temilolu
    June 26, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    Very interesting story (Adenike)

  • Neemah
    June 26, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    What’s wrong with this Adenike girl

  • Abolade Tolu
    July 1, 2017 at 5:59 am

    All this things happens tho……


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