Adenike P.O.V

We were about leaving the school premises when we bumped into Sholape our roommate. The sight of that girl irritates me. I don’t know why I feel threatened by her. Maybe its because she’s every thing we are not. She walks majestically, smiles confidently and speaks good. Her type will easily be mistaken for a British citizen if she lives there for some months, yet her dress sense is nothing to talk about. Although she still manages to show her curves in those cheap and not so new cloth she wears. She’s beautiful with a very big ass but not enough boobs to compliment, but her caramel skin be making her look hot. If only she was as okay as we were, I’m sure she’ll be the talk of the town

She feels like a competition to me. I’m use to my friends because I know guys will choose me over them but I’m not so sure about her because, damn! I can’t deny, she’s a paragon of beauty, that is why I don’t like to stand or be with her. I don’t want someone else taking my shine.

“What is she doing here”? I asked

“It’s a school premises moron and anyone can be here” Cynthia said.

Wow not only is she a beauty queen, my friends are also taking her sides.

She got here and exchange hugs with all of my friends. She was about coming closer to me when I rolled my eyes at her. She backed off and said bye to everyone and flashed me a smile.

Gosh! her teeth is something to die for. Why does she have to be so damn perfect?? It annoys me.

When she left, my friends called out my name in unison “Aaaadddeeeennniikkkee, God will help you” I rolled my eyes at them while I shake my butt passed them.


****** Sholape’s p.o.v

Just as I left them, I’ve not moved farther when I heard a familiar voice calling Gafar in a very high pitch.

It was Adenike who shouted his name like she had seen her favourite person on earth. I turned back to see the so called Gafar.

Wow! he’s unbelievably true. He looked so perfect with his body and muscle, being transparent in his white body hug top, which he matched with jean trouser and a sneaker. With his low cut hair and a ear ring on his ear. He flashed a smile at the girls and waved flirty to some. Seems to me like he’s a ladies man no wonder my roommates won’t stop talking about him. I turned to leave but the memory of Gafar couldn’t leave my brain.



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  • Neemah
    June 18, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    What’s wrong with this Adenike sef

  • Abolade Tolu
    July 1, 2017 at 6:03 am

    Nawa ooooo…


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