Kayode whom I assumed has been watching us all this while walked up on us. He look at my aunt apologetically, took the dress from her and gave her a sign which I assume she understood because she left without saying a word. All I could hear was the sound of her sob. But I didn’t care at that time because I was in my world too. Kayode pulled me into a tight hug just then my eyes and mind decided to fail me by making me cry. I cried uncontrollably on his shoulder. He didn’t say anything he just held me so tight. He led me to a seat where I was seated before he and my aunt walked up on me. He dried my tears and gave me a smile. I couldn’t help but notice the scar on his face.

The scar I’ve come to love because I love him. I was about to tell him the same thing I told my aunt when he put his finger on his lips signifying that I should be quiet. I gave him a look as if to say “won’t you even listen to me”?? He immediately said you aren’t doing it for them, you’re doing it for your mother,That caught me off guard. I couldn’t help but cry. I’ll do anything for my mother. He pulled me into a hug again and said “wear the dress and be a good girl for mummy”. I smiled at his statement while I stood up to get dressed. I mouthed “thank you” to him, as I take my leave, he replied with a smile.

As I was setting out to go for the burial function, alot of people were outside, a lot of cars. Hmm these people didn’t know we were existing until now abi? I stepped out shouting “no one should bury my mother without me, I want to see her”. Everyone turned to look at me. They were all moving their heads in unison as if it has been choreographed. I didn’t care, I was ready to be hostile to anyone who didn’t listen to me. I started shouting “don’t bury my mother without me, I want to see her”. My father came closer to me as if to calm me down. He was going to touch me when I gave him a fierce look. I didn’t know where I got the voice from. ”

I don’t need your help dad, I can take care of myself”, I said.

“I want to see my mother’s face one last time”. He shooked his head as if to say “anything for you”. He took me to where my mother’s corpse was, In front of the grave which has already been dugged right in front of our family house.

“Open her face”, I said fiercely.

At this time, I was not crying anymore, all I wanted was to see my mother.

“Calm down”, he said to me.

“Open her face”, I said with a more commanding tone.

They immediately opend her face, everyone came to have a look.

The sound of “yeeehhhh” “haaaaa” filled the environment.. .”haaa ikunle abiyamo”(what a pity)…. “yeeeeehhhhhh iku doro”(death is wicked).

I looked at my mother who looks like she was sleeping peacefully although swollen from the embalming treatment she had gotten. I looked at her, a cold feeling ran through my vein. I started shivering at the sight of my mother. I couldn’t cry. I just kept on saying;

“wake up mummy”,

“show them you aren’t dead”,

“Show them you’re coming back”,

“Show them no one would take your place”,

“Show them you love us”.

My Mother couldn’t move, she couldn’t show them anything! My Mother has failed me. She couldn’t even disappoint these people for me. She couldn’t disappiont my father and make him understand she can take care of us alone. My Mother was motionless,

“no mummy you cant do this to me”,

“Who would take care of your little boy Sukanmi”?

My Mother laid down motionless she wasn’t going to move any time soon. I screamed out so loud; “Mummmmmmyyyyyyy” as if I was calling the whole world. I started to cry rolling on the floor shouting somebody please wake my mother up. Everyone cried, some were saying “calm down” in between their sobs.

“Someone should take that girl away”, some people shouted.

Just then, Kayode and some men walked up to me, I obeyed them willingly. Just as I was about to leave, I turned to my father and yelled

“are you happy now”?? I left reluctantly reigning curses as I was leaving.

They buried my mother immediately, I was looking from afar. Kayode pulled me into a tight hug. And muttered “I’m here for you”.

The day ended so sad. The next day was for a family meeting between my father and my mother’s siblings, regarding us, in other to decide where to stay. My father had told my aunt last night while I pretended I was asleep. I woke up noticing no one was in the room. I remembered the meeting my father had told my aunty about. Definitely, they must all be outside. I stood up still sleepy but I have to be there when my father makes his obnoxious decisions seems that’s what he’s known for. On my way out, I heard the voice say “Sholape will be with you”, I quickly increased my pace and I answered “with who”? from the other end.

They All looked up at me, The meeting comprised of my father, father’s elder brother, my aunt , my mother’s brothers Uncle Seye and Gbenga.

“With your aunty Adunni” my father replied looking all mean and serious has he has always looked. All symphatetic look washed off his face by now. I was ready to give him a reply but my aunt signalled to me.

“Who will Sukanmi stay with”? my aunt asked.

”He will stay with me”, my father replied. “No way, I said immediately.

“I cant leave my brother with you, I’m sure if my mother was alive she wouldn’t make that decision, You can’t separate us now that we need eachother the most. You were never there when we needed you, Don’t act all cool now dad because we know you are nothing like that”.

His elder brother uncle Alani immediately shut me up. “Sholape that is you father you’re talking to, He wants the best for you, He loves and cares for you”.

I immediately shot him a look of who else will you defend if not him.

“Don’t get mad” my aunt said, “She’s just being childish and we all know she’s not in a good state now”.

I wanted to tell her I was not being childish and I’m perfectly fine. But she shot me a look signalling that I calm down.

Well, “greetings to you all”, my Uncle Seye said,

“I see points in What sholape has said. I don’t think separating them is the next step to take, Let them be together in the same place. They both will know how to take care of eachother, That’s all I have to say” , my Uncle Seye concluded.

“They Will all be with me”, my father said. I gave him a daring look like who does he think he is that I’ll want to be with him?

“No, they can’t be with you”, Uncle Gbenga said.

I was happy someone came to my rescue.

“They will stay with us, he added.

“They” my mum’s siblings all chorused yes, I smiled knowing we already won this battle. I can’t stay with my father, Sukanmi can’t stay with my father. “Okay, Okay, seems we’ve reached the conclusion, the kids will stay with you and we’ll take all necessary steps from there”, uncle Alani said.

“Don’t worry Sholape, your father will take care of you and your brother, He loves you both so dearly and I’m sure he wouldn’t even want a bee to sting you”.

I shot him a look of I hear you. I know already that all my father would do is to take care of our education as usual, nothing is going to change. I didn’t get my hopes high. I didn’t really care knowing we are in good hands.

“Don’t worry Sholape, I’ll be a mother and a father to you”.

I was mad at his statement and I replied “no one can be a mother to me especially you”. My aunt pulled me away from the area knowing I was going to say more and its going to result into a big thing especially when uncle Alani is there.

His brother is never wrong, All those elders that keep shut when money is involved.

“Sukanmi let’s pack our bags we are going with aunty Adunni” I shouted. Sukanmi ran inside and look at me.

“I’m happy you’re no more crying sister Sholape, I love you”.

I pulled him into a hug and said “I love you too” while tears rolled down my eyes.




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