“Oh my! its Gaffar’s birthday today”. I woke up saying that to myself.

“Sholape!Sholape!Sholape! Someone is asking after you o!!!” Omotara called from outside.

“Who’s it”? I asked ..

“well! come outside, and you’ll see the person” she replied.

I rushed out of the room in my pyjamas.

“Good morning!” I said to the young man standing outside.

“Good morning ma!” he said opening the car, while bringing out a parcel while he gave it to me.

“That is from oga Gaffar, he asked me to give it to you”, he said.

I didn’t notice he came in Gaffar’s car until he made mention of the name.

“Oh! okay thank you”, I said to him while I turned back to my room.

On getting to the room, my friends were seating on their beds looking anxious.

“What has done this time o!” they chorused, immediately I opened the door.

“I don’t know”, I said shyly.

“its just a parcel”, I said showing it to them.

“Oya open it” they said.

I tore it opened and behold it was a black dress and a note placed on it.

” Oh my! this is cute and romantic” Omotara said touching her chest while Adenike murmured some thing under her breath.

“Oh! it came with a note” Sharon said.

I quickly took the note so I could read what was written in it.

“Read it out” they all chorused!

“hey baby, I know by the time you’ll be reading this note, it means Albert has successfully delivered my message. Did you sleep well my cute princess? I got you that colour of dress because its your favourite and I sure know you’ll look sexy in that dress, because every thing you wear fits your perfectly. Don’t worry about the footwear to match the dress as I already thought of the colour and type of footwear for you. I want you to put on the silver heels I got for you and you don’t need to worry about the necklace because that will be surprise which you just made me ruin by telling you. I credited your account which I just opened with some amount of money. Look at the parcel closely, you’ll see a debit card in it. Withdraw any amount you want, the pin is your date of birth. Make your hair from the money and do all other necessary things. I’ll ask Albert to come pick you when its time. I can’t wait to see you the queen of my heart. Till then, I have lot of love for you. Kisses to my one and only”.

I chuckled and felt happy at his use of words while my friends chorused

“oh my! Love is in the air”.

I smiled at them, they all returned the smile but Zainab’s facial expression read a different meaning. I don’t know what it is, but something is definitely wrong with her, I’ll ask after the party.

“Hey you look here, no matter how much designer dress and shoes you wear, it won’t stop you from being wretched. Come out of your dream because Gaffar won’t end up with you”. Adenike said while she stormed out of the room.

I wanted to reply her but I ignored her because I didn’t want her to ruin my mood. My friends said “ignore her” while they talked about how they were going to transform my face for tonight and the dress they were going to wear for the party also.

“You look so gorgeous” Sharon said,

“thank you”, I replied.

“If doesn’t hold you well, I’m sure his other friends might want to snatch you from him”.

I chuckled at her statement

“but sincerely you look elegant Sholape. Imagine how you’ll look this way everyday? if only you allow a little make over on your face” Omotara added. “Thank you” I said.

They all insisted I had make up on, they said I’ll look too ordinary that I’ve to look my best seems its a big party and Gaffar’s parents will be there. They were also using this party as an opportunity to celebrate Gaffar’s dad victory on an election.. we’ll that’s by the way. So I allowed the girls played with my face now they gave me a complete make over which won’t make me recognise myself.

“You guys should stop wasting time on this thing abeg we have a party to attend” Adenike shouted.

We all turned to look at her, totally ignoring her.

All this while, zainab looks really sad. I don’t know what’s going on with her but she’s far from being the Zainab I know. I didn’t want to ask her now but I sure will ask her once this party drama is over because Albert will be on his way

I got to the party a little bit late because of traffic. I sighted Gaffar immediately I stepped out of the car but he wasn’t alone, I can see a number of girls clinching themselves to him smiling like they just won a lottery. I made a move to work closer to them in other to claim what is mine but I didn’t know how to go about that but I had to anyway because I’m feeling irritated at the sight of the girls and something I’m sure is jealousy. I was very close to them when I made a sound clearing my throat. They all turned back to look at me while the girls gave me a who’s this kinda look. Thank God Gaffar made an effort to make me look expensive, if not, I’d feel intimidated by their look because I know I won’t have anything to fight with but its cool I look nice. I’m sure my looks can speak for me. Gaffar whispered some thing to them which I’m guessing he took an excuse while he made his way towards me smiling like kid.

“Hey babe, how are you”? He asked..

I was worried about you but its a good thing you were in safe hands. I didn’t bother replying him because I was pissed at him. He noticed my mood when he said, “c’mon they are just my friends” he said to me.

” No problem Gaffar”.

Okay come, let me introduce you to my folks, he said while he pulled me by the arm. Soon we got to the group of people having a little chat holding glasses of wine and laughing like they have no worries. They all look wealthy and sophisticated. He pulled me closer to a man and woman whom I’m guessing are his parents. The woman looked very young to be his mum, looking all stylish while the man on the other hand looked older than his mun but trust me, his dessing was spokr volume. I see where Gaffar got his extravagant lifestyle from.

” Hey mom and dad”, he said.

“Hey dear! how are you?”, they asked in return.

“Mom and dad, this is Sholape”.

“Oh my dear, how are you?” His mum said with a lot accent stressed on her words.

“Omo ta ni oun o” (whose daughter is she?) “Ermmmm” Gaffar started to stutter.

Don’t worry Gaffar, I already know she’s one of them, the woman said. I felt flushed when I heard this. Already, I was too shy to talk to them but this has made me feel less of myself. I wanted to tell her that although my family isn’t well known but by the grace of God, we aren’t suffering and I also wanted to remind her that a tree doesn’t just grow in a day. But I couldn’t bring myself to say a word so Gaffar took me by the arm and took me back to where we were. He was about saying something when we heard    someone shout is name. The person was coming closer

oh my God its Adenike… my night couldn’t get any worse.

“Happy birthday”, she said to him hugging him and putting all her breast on his body. Really this Adenike girl is going to hear it from me. Thank you he said in reply having a flirtatious look on his face.

“Errrmmm I’ll go meet the girls,” I said to Gaffar.

“Sure dear” he said in return

“like you know you weren’t needed”, Adenike said .

I turned back and gave a her a good slap. She was shocked and she made an attempt to slap me back when the rest of the girls showed up. Everyone kept saying calm down please and Zainab rushed down to meet me. She looked into my eyes and her facial expression changed to a guilty one she was about saying something when Gaffar’s parent yelled “what’s going on here?”.

I made an eye contact with Gaffar while I shook my head. I mean he couldn’t even stand up for me. I’m sure I’ve painted a bad image of myself to Gaffar parents. I don’t know if I went overboard but I’m really pissed and I don’t regret doing that to Adenike.

I went to Gaffar and asked if Albert could take me home because I can’t go with the girls. He wanted to say something but I was too impatient so I turned to go home myself.




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  • Neemah
    July 30, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    The slap serves her right

  • Abolade Tolu
    August 2, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    Washere….nyc 1 Sholape…no shaking


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