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I opened my eyes to find myself on a strange bed, there was lighter in the room. I could hear some voices. I tried to lift myself up but I was weak and tired. My sight was getting clearer and I could hear some familiar voices.
I could hear the voice of my Dad, aunt, and kid brother and one strange voice I couldn’t recognize and I didn’t know who it was.
Sunkanmi immediately noticed I was awake, he immediately shouted my name
“Aunty Sholape! Aunty Sholape!” As soon as everyone noticed my consciousness, the place erupted. My aunt began to sing and cry saying thank God for not putting me to shame.
Sunkanmi couldn’t stop holding me and my Dad kept saying olorun seun oo ti o je kin fi oju sukun omo!!! (Thanks to God I didn’t cry over a child)
All these while, I was looking at them all in amusement. I couldn’t help but notice the handsome guy standing just at the corner, all smiles as he watched them all jubilating as he moved his gaze to me looking at me like a miracle had just happened.
The doctor came in no time and told them all to excuse him. The doctor examined me and asked some questions. I answered with my weak voice while he gave me a smile. He left with his assistants but without forgetting to inform me I’ll be discharged soon.
My aunt and dad rushed in immediately without Sunkanmi forgetting to tag along. The man wasn’t left out too. They all kept staring at me as if the doctor had instructed them to assist him in his job.
The silence was broken when the man said “I’ll be on my way now, but I’ll be back soon, a client is waiting for me”. “We thank God for life”, he added.
My family didn’t let him go as they kept chanting his praises and kept thanking for the huge favour he has done, with my father and aunt almost prostrating and kneeling down respectively. While he kept smiling and saying “all thanks to God” I wanted to thank him too even though I didn’t really know why they were thanking him but I think I can figure it out but then I didn’t want to disturb my head. I wanted to ask so many questions, but I was too weak to think not to talk of talking. He didn’t leave without taking a look at me while he flashed me a smile saying “it’s good to have you back”
My aunt immediately came to me while she pulled me into a tight hug, still crying and thanking God in the middle of her sobs for sparing my life.
My dad wasn’t left out, as he came to me;
“Sholape, losing you wouldn’t have been good for any one of us. I didn’t realize what great jewel I had in a daughter until I was about to lose you. Forgive me Sholape for not being much of a father to you and your brother. I’ve realised my mistakes and I’m ready to right my wrongs” he said with the most sad face I’ve ever seen him put on.
“Perhaps, If I had been a good father, things might have not turned out this way” he added.
I wanted to say a whole lots of things to him, like why did it take him so long to realize all these? Why did he ever treat us that way? I wanted to tell him there’s more to being a father than just paying school fees. But words failed me as the thoughts of what “ifs” filled my head. What if I had died, would I still be alive to say all these things to him? Do I have a choice than to embrace my life as it has come? Hmmm!!! It’s just a thing line between life and death. The good thing is that he has realized his mistakes. Little tears dropped down my cheeks as I remembered how Kayode my use to be true love became the one who wanted me dead. How cruel can life be? It has now occurred to me why my family was thanking that young man, he probably saved me from the wrath of Kayode. I remembered how he and his guys raped me, I remembered how they had initially wanted to use me for ritual. I remembered him killing some guys in my presence. I remember it all, but I don’t remember how I got here. Perhaps I would ask my aunt when it’s time. Hmmm what a life
the thought of how it all started came back to me as I remembered how I lost my mum, Hmm!! Iya mi!!! Abiamo tooto!!! I also remembered how I got into the hands of enemies whom I called friends. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

I didn’t realise I was crying until my aunt said “cry no more, God has seen you through this”. I immediately came out of the thoughts. This time, I was ready to forgive everyone who has ever wronged me.
I looked into my dad’s eyes and said: “thank you dad for being here” he bowed his head in shame. I held him closer and said I forgive you dad, while I showered him with prayers.
My aunt immediately pulled me into a tight hug, my Dad wasn’t left out also was my little Sunkanmi who tried to fit into the hug of elders, while I dried my tears.
My aunt rushed out not after asking me what I wanted to eat
“Amala would be Good,” Sunkanmi suggested. So that I can help her eat it if she can’t finsih it” he said. My aunt chuckled at Sunkanmi’s words as she rushed out. My dad follwed her in other to get other things I’d be needing. They all left leaving Sunkanmi with me. Sunkanmi came closer to me and signalled that I lower my head so that he could whisper to me.

“Daddy loves you, he was worried for you. But Aunty Sholape, don’t ever leave again, I was worried too and I missed you” he said. I smiled and pulled him into a hug. Life has been good to me, for having few people that genuinely loves me. He sets free from me and he said “that man that brought you here has been coming here ever since he brought you here” Sunkanmi added. My eyes widened,all that was in my head flushed out and all I cared about that moment was meeting that man.

my aunt and I were both seated as she watched me eat. I haven’t seen that man since he left, as I couldn’t hold my peace as I was eager to know him.
“Aunty mi, you still haven’t said anything about that man”, I said.
She smiled, “I was going to talk about him, I just felt it was not time yet. But since you asked, then I’ll tell you”.
“That man is barrister Akinkunmi olatunde”.
The name didn’t ring a bell as my aunt laid so much emphasis on it. It didn’t matter at that moment as I just wanted her to go straight to the point. So she started to tell me how they got a call from the hospital, saying how they’ve rescued me. The hospital was acting based on his instructions. All these happened after my family had looked for me and all effort was futile. Apparently, Kayode and his guys had dropped my purse which contained my phone alongside other things, where they were going to drop me. So that they could make it seem like all that happened wasn’t their doing. Not knowing they were going to get caught. My aunt didn’t know it was Kayode for sure but then all was clear to me. We weren’t done talking when barrister Akinkunmi Olatunde walked in. My aunt immediately excused us, after that had exchanged pleasantries.
He smiled at me, while he settled beside me.
“I hope you’re better now”, he asked
“Yes I am”
“Well are you ready to go home?”
“Yes I want to go home to my family”
“Well I have few questions to ask regarding the case at hand. I’ll like you to give an account of all that has happened”.
I began to tell him him eveything from how I found out Kayode wanted to use me for ritual to when I tried escaping and how I got caught and how I was held back till the moment he found me which my aunt had already told me about.
All this while, he didnt stop looking into my eyes, his face was filled with so much pity. I don’t know but I feel so comfortable, and feel at peace with him. I know with all I have gone through am not supposed to give in to any guy, but looking at him everything feels different. But then I wouldn’t be too forward am sure things would unfold themselves.
“So, the guys are being charged to court, and i would like you to be present in order to testify against them”.

I smiled at his statement for I had made up my mind to start a new life with no grudge.
“Let them go” I said.

He looked at me in shock, his face turned sour. “Let them go?” He asked
‘Yes let them go, let God be the judge of it all. As such, i’m dropping all charges pressed against them on my behalf”.
“After all they’ve done to you, you want them to go?’
“Yes they should go’.
“Well the case is now for the state, for the fact that they’ve committed other atrocities before now, that doesn’t mean they won’t be prosecuted for the murder of the two other guys even if you’re dropping your charges against them”.

“Good luck with that, may May God help us all”.
He pulled me closer to him, he raised my chin up and looked into my eyes while he held my hands tight. I didn’t know what all that meant but my heart couldn’t stop beating fast.
“You are a very strong woman, and I know you would be great”, he said.
“We would be fine”, he added.
He immediately got up and said “I would be in the car waiting” as he left me alone to ponder on his words.
We would be fine? I said to myself
I didn’t know what was going on, I just know God was about to open a better chapter of my life.





After a year and six month of courting with Barrister Akinkunmi Olatunde, we were down to get married already.
What more could I have asked for in life?
I was done with school, my family and I have a great relationship. I have an okay job, where I work close to my soon to be husband’s firm in one clothing company as the manager of the brand where my husband still maintained his stand has the CEO.
Did I forget to mention that he is a well-known lawyer in the field who has fought for so many lives and freedom, getting all lesson from his famous dad, Oyedele Olatunde (SAN). He is also a business tycoon who plays his card well in the business field.
Preparation for our wedding had started as aso ebi are being distributed.

I was about leaving for the rest room when my phone rang, I saw “mine” popped up on the screen of my phone and butterfly started to form inside me.

I picked up my call while a sharp voice hit me at the other end.
“Hello love, how is my queen doing at this hour of the day?”
I couldn’t help but smile at his words.
“Sholape Ajiun, I miss you every second, I can’t wait to finally make you Mrs Olatunde” he said sonorously.
“Hmmm….. Barrister Olatunde, I would be at your firm now to give the aso ebi to your friends, I hope I wouldn’t be disturbed?” I said trying to act serious
“No ma’am, I’ll be in my office waiting for your royal highness, while I prepare the kisses to dish out to you at your arrival” he said.
“C’mon now bad boy, we’re still on our working hours”, I said trying to go with his flow
“Baby, every hour with us is a lovely hour”.
“Okay barrister, I’ll be on my way”
“I love you Sholape”
I rolled my eyes at him like I wasn’t dying to hear him say that and hanged up.
I screamed I love you in my head, while I sat to reminsice. I just know I’m blessed to have this man in my life.
I was in the firm in a couple of hours, I was about stepping out of my car, when I sighted someone who looks like Zainab. I immediately came out of my car.
“Zainab!!!” I shouted.
She turned back to see where the voice was coming from
“Sholape!!” She said in shock
“Yes Zainab”, it’s Sholape.
“God you look so elegant”
“It’s the Grace of God dear.
What are you doing here?” I asked
“I came to drop lunch for my husband, he’s a lawyer in this firm”.
Wow! Look how god works, Zainab’s husband works in my husband’s firm, I thought to myself.
“Well Sholape, you look really good”, she said as her face started to turn sour.
“Sholape, please find it in your heart to forgive us all for all that we’ve ever done to you. I looked for you the little way I could, but I didn’t find you”.
I smiled. “I’ve forgiven you from the depth of my heart Zainab”.
How is Adenike, Gaffar, Omotara and others? I asked trying to brush off what she said like she said nothing at all
Hmm she sighed. “Gaffar died a year after our graduation, he died of cancer, he went abroad for treatment but he didn’t survive”.
Wow!! Tears dropped down my eyes and I thanked God for the gift of life. If god had not spared my life, would I still be alive to think of forgiving or not, I thought to myself.
“Hmmm so how is Adenike I asked?

“My sister, I’m about to meet up with her, as she’s having terrible issues with her husband. He wouldn’t stop beating her. To top it all, conceiving has been hard for her”.
“Hmm May God help us all”, that was all I could say. Even though Adenike has done a lot to me, I couldn’t help but feel pity on her.
“So what of Tara?”
“Well she has been abroad since we graduated, I’ve not heard from her ever since”.
“Sholape, all that has passed now, please just forgive us”.
I smiled, “I have forgiven you all Zainab.
May God forgive our sins”, I added.
“So what are you doing here? She asked, did you come for a job interview or something? Let me know if I could be of help”, she said.
I smiled at her statement and said “no, I came to drop somethings for my fiance”.
“Oh he works here too?”
“No, he is Barrister Akinkunmi Olatunde, I said with so much pride, knowing she would figure out what that means.
Oh Sholape! They own this place you know? She asked with so much Shock.

“Yes I know dear”

“That means he’s the boss to my husband”, she added.

I smiled at her statement.

“You are a lucky child” she said.
I smiled at her statement
“Oh Zainab, I forgot to mention, you are invited to my wedding”, I said as I brought out invitation card from my bag, she took it with so much shock on her face.
“I’ll be sure to give the aso ebi to your husband”, I said.
I wanted to speak further but my phone rang and it was my fiancé calling, I would see you some other time, I said as I hugged her and immediately left her sight.
As I was walking away, I couldn’t stop thanking God. It has now dawned on me that not everyone get to pay for their deeds on earth, they only did theirs but God just started his handiwork in my life. They all did what they could, but to my fiancé I’m the best. They all saw me as the last with my fiancé am the lead, I can’t keep thanking God for the new life he gave me. Thank God for the scars, e without them, I wouldn’t have been here today.
I rushed into my fiancé’s office, I saw my man looking as handsome as ever
“I’m sorry I’m late”, I said
I wanted to keep talking but he was fast, as he shut me up by kissing me, I was flushed with happiness as I know in my mind that this is a better chapter of my life.
It all didn’t make sense at first because it was the life I didn’t wish for, but now, I couldn’t wish for a better life with this man by my side. It’s just the beginning.


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