Fred called his best friend and told him about the lady who intrigued him and how she didn’t even care if he was handsome or not, how she declined his offer of help, but that was the more reason Fred was determined to have her to himself (all that while he had forgotten the main reason he came to that town)

Abigail couldn’t concentrate much at work, she kept thinking about the mystery man from yesterday, he was fascinated by her and was even willing to help her even though she wore only pyjamas, maybe he follows anything that has long hair, she thought.

Abigail!! Her managed yelled, are you even paying attention? There are some people I want you to show around the park, they want a spot for a fundraiser and know that your salary depends on this piece of shit, so the early you start concentrating the better for us, she grinned and glared at Abigail. Abigail nodded her head and got up ready to follow her manager to see the people who needed help in finding a spot.

It might have been fate because Fred decided to go and stroll at the park a bit, since he was bored to hell.

As he was walking around, his head just turned to the direction Abigail was and she was busily directing some people around, Fred decided to join the people and see what he could learn or how fun it’ll be; he was oblivious of the fact that it was Abigail (with all that makeup she had on) “Is this space fine by you? Abigail asked the leader of the group, you realise a lot of people will be able to see your wares from here and it’s also a bit closer to the entrance” do you like it? She asked the leader and the leader agreed it was just a perfect spot for their fundraiser “what would I have done without you Abigail, you’re such an angel” she squealed happily, Abigail smiled and thanked the leader for the compliment, all that while Fred was just looking and listening “this lady looks gorgeous, why does she remind me of the lady from yesterday? They look world’s apart, they’re different people so why do I feel the same way I felt seeing that lady yesterday?” Fred thought.

“Are you following me around? Are you a spy or something?” Abigail curiously asked Fred, “I could say same for you except you came with people so I don’t want any trouble” he replied jovially.

“You’re Abigail right? Fred stretched out his hand for a handshake, well I’m Fred, Fred Lautner”, he smiled

Abigail rolled her eyes, ignored the handshake and walked away, he’ll be such a pest, a stupid louse!! She thought to herself.

She quickly went back to the leader made her sign some documents and she took her money and headed back to the office.

She was tired and her heels were killing her feet, it was a Friday so she wanted to go clubbing that night to unwind, “a little alcohol won’t kill”, her manager spoke her thought out, she was surprised “how did you know I was thinking of clubs or alcohol?” She asked, “Let’s just say it’s experience, I used to make such faces when I needed a drink or needed to unwind when I’m tired” she sighed, Abigail grinned and nodded her head, her manager got up to leave “by the way I’m taking you out, all drinks on me” her manager said excitedly and left.

She relaxed and wondered why her manager will want to take her out, but hey it’s not bad she thought; I’ll save my money at least.




The place was bashing, the music was loud and pleasant, Abigail and her manager walked in while chatting, they sat by a table and continued chatting; for the first time Abigail was going to have fun without Amelia and she felt lonely, she missed her and her family but she ignored the feeling and decided to enjoy every bit of tonight.

They ordered drinks and kept taking shots upon shots. They danced for a while and when they realised they were so drunk they decided to leave; none of them could drive but Abigail decided to walk home even though she was drunk because her house wasn’t that far from the club (she wasn’t scared of harassment by anyone because she could fight even when drunk)

Abigail walked a while, Fred spotted her from a distance and with how she was walking he knew she has been drinking, “this is my chance to finally know where she stayed” Fred thought. He walked up to her and tried to help by carrying her home but she was refusing, he forcefully carried her and asked for her address which she willingly spilled out……


*****************CHAPTER 8************************


Abigail woke up with a really bad headache, she didn’t know how she got home and how her shoes came off, she didn’t remember doing those. She got out of bed and took a shower, she dressed and headed to her living room, that’s where she had the shock of her life; she saw Fred sleeping in her sofa “he looks so peaceful” she said softly

She tiptoed slowly to the kitchen and prepared breakfast, “it all makes sense now, I guess he’s the one who brought me home, why didn’t he just go home afterwards” she kept talking to herself, “do beautiful ladies always talk to themselves?” Fred interrupted Abigail smirked “haha that’s funny, ermm thank you for bringing me home, she blushed, Fred smiled and told her it’s nothing and drew closer to her, they were about to kiss when the doorbell rang, “I’ll go get the door, Abigail sighed and went away saved by the bell”, she murmured

Fred set the table and waited for Abigail to return, she was holding a box “so sorry for that” she smiled, Fred looked at her quizzically, “it’s not what you think, she laughed my boss just sent me a box of chocolate, I’ve no admirers if that’s what you think, and why the heck am I even explaining my self to you geez”, she said frustratedly.

Fred told her to calm down and eat, he’ll leave afterwards but she pleaded for him to stay, she even offered to show him around town since she knew he was new.

“I’m not from here, I came here about a year ago when i completed college, she told Fred, what brings you to such a small town? She curiously asked Fred, oh nothing really just thought it’ll be a nice place, “a homely place” to find a wife, he chuckled at the last statement, Abigail wasn’t buying the wife part, which lady won’t trip for such a guy (obviously not her) other ladies charming than she ever is will be crawling and drooling over him, he was handsome and looks wealthy too just not arrogant like the guy she thought her parents were thinking of marrying her off to.

Abigail escorted Fred to his hotel so he could freshen up then after go sightseeing. Abigail realised she had a lot in common with Fred who she hardly know, they hanged out till evening and they ate out. Abigail realised hanging out with Fred was fun, she never tried getting close to a guy and the first one she tried is looking good and fun.

Fred spent the night in Abigail’s house, he just didn’t get why he was so drawn to her and kept wanting to own her; he hardly knew her but she was his dream woman, they had things in common even though he knew her barely a week, he was sure he was ready to settle down now and with no other woman but Abigail. He tossed and turned as he kept thinking about Abigail till he dozed off. Abigail called Amelia and told her all about what happened and how finally she wishes to settle down, Amelia called her crazy because she hardly knew the guy and whether he was genuine or one of those assholes who want to take advantage of her innocence and her friendship, Amelia told her to be careful but she was happy for her; that finally she found someone she’ll want to marry, they talked about other things and later hung up. Abigail was excited about it, finally she’ll be able to make her choice and prove to her family that they can’t dictate her life and she chooses who she wants to be with and they don’t choose for her.

She dozed off and dreamt about Fred proposing to her.

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