It was time for Fred to travel, he was at the airport waiting to get into the plane to start his search for his bride, where could she be? Where can he find her?


Have you heard Fred’s getting married?”Lovely asked Mildred(Fred’s ex), “what the fuck! You’re kidding she yelled, Fred didn’t tell me anything the last time we met” she was furious how can Fred take her for a spin? What does he take her for? “You mean the last time he didn’t have sex with you no matter how tempting you looked?” Lovely mocked and laughed.

Mildred’s eyes widened, “Oh I get it, that’s why he pushed me away and only kissed me, he’s an ass, but a good looking one though, he makes my blood boil” she said sexually.

Lovely laughed so hard, “keep daydreaming Fred is getting married and he’s also not in town, he’s going for his bride”

“That marriage won’t last, I’ll make sure of it” Mildred determinely said.

Lovely kept laughing hard and Mildred threw a pillow to hit her.


Fred searched high and low for Abigail; he didn’t even know how she looked that was the issue but he remembered being told she looks exactly like Mrs. Victoria Sanchez, he called his dad and told him the next city he checks will be his last and if he doesn’t find her, he’s coming home and finding a different woman, after all she’s not made of gold, he told his dad.



A meeting had been held, all the Sanchez children were present except Abigail to discuss the issue of Abigail’s disappearance and see how they can find her, if Fred doesn’t.

“Y’all know why you’re here, we’ve to find our little mami real quick, he breathed heavily, it’s my fault; if I hadn’t arranged this marriage she’ll still be here with us” said Luis Sanchez, everyone was mute then his eldest daughter spoke, “I’m glad you noticed it’s your fault, you keep forcing us into marriages just to keep the family name and you forget how we feel, yes we might have fallen in love with our husbands now but guess Abigail wasn’t ready for any of this crap, I’m glad she actually left” she said furiously and walked out.

I couldn’t agree any less, their son chuckled, shook his head and walked out.

The other children were silent and listened to their parents, “anyone else has anything to share? Y’all better spill it, well I fed your asses, y’all didn’t know where the money was coming from and y’all just say whatever shit that comes to your mind? Y’all ungrateful little assholes!! Mr. Sanchez spat the words angrily, another daughter stood up and said “No one forced y’all to have so many children, you could’ve tied your penis to your tie but nay the coochie good so your dick couldn’t hide, she laughed so loud and that made the other siblings laugh, shook their heads and one after the other they started leaving, the last one to leave said “guess what? This shit is all on you, you greedy bastards!! Bring Abi back or I’ll skin y’all alive” and left them totally speechless.

Mrs. Sanchez was sobbing uncontrollably and decided to sit by her husband, “my children have grown up and can talk back at me, Luis laughed, that’s some balls I’ve never seen, woman! Quit the tears, our baby will be back!”

Victoria just looked at her husband like he just dropped from another planet.

  • •••••••••••••••••••

After all the fun and the women, Fred decided to visit the last city and he had hopes of not finding Abigail so he’ll return to his family.

“She’s good, she’s still green, she’s intelligent, I think she’ll be perfect for you” ,He mimicked his father and scoffed.

Such a bother, why go through all this stress because of a lady, what’s so special about her? Isn’t she like every woman he has seen and all of them were after his looks and money, she’ll be no different, he thought.



Fred arrived at his destination safely, he got through his checks and he was clean, he decided to stay In a hotel for a Month and look for his runaway bride, he was eager to get back, Mildred had been calling him over and over and he decided to just ignore her calls and neither return them, she was piece of work.

He arrived safely at his hotel and checked in; it was a little town but was cool. Fred decided to get some cigars at the supermarket down the street, he dressed up and stepped out.


“Goodness I’m out of groceries, Abigail whined, I’m feeling lazy and sleepy too” she didn’t even change her pyjamas, she wore flip flops and decided to step out; she didn’t care about what anyone thought.

She rounded the corner and entered the big supermarket to get some groceries and toiletries.

She got almost all her stuff and was about to leave, then she remembered she had to get packs of cigarettes(she needs it to stay warm since the place is mostly chilly)  as she got closer, her tired eyes decided to give in to sleep.

She bumped into someone, she was disgusted but still apologized, Fred held her arm and looked at her really well, “please you should watch where you’re going, you might not be this lucky next time”,he said nicely. Abigail was embarrassed, she apologized over and over till Fred started laughing, “you look tired, can I help you?” He asked her and she declined and walked away.

Fred went back to his hotel with his cigar, he had to see that lady again,he didn’t know how or where he’ll meet her but he really wanted to see her and get to know her.


“Amelia, I was noticed by a guy today, she squealed through the phone, he’s so goddamn hot and all but I gave him the cold shoulder, I’m not interested you know?”

“You should be interested, you’re rusty and you’re getting old Mother of Jesus”, Amelia teased her.

“I was in a pyjamas and I was so tired, I actually bumped into him when I was dozing off; you know how I don’t joke with my sleep and how stressed I’m lately” she stretched and said.

“You little kitten! how do you expect to be noticed when you dress like a saint, all the fashion trends I’ve taught you and you still aren’t shit, she nearly cried over the phone

Sometimes I wonder if we’re really best friends because we look world’s apart”, she said annoyingly. Abigail made faces at the phone and told Amelia she’ll try to look better next time and hang up.

She went to the kitchen and prepared some food, ate and she watched Television for a while and decided to drag herself to bed.


It was morning and Abigail had to go to work, no matter how tired she was, she just had to, “it’s a small town so I wonder why I’ve to work so much”, she complained to no one but herself.

She bathed and dressed up, today she made an effort to apply little makeup; she wore fitting skirts and pump shoes, she looked very different today, all this stress and for what? She decided to take a picture and sent to Amelia when she got back from work.

Fred woke up early and decided to explore the town he found himself in and maybe he’ll see the lady from yesterday, he didn’t know why he so wanted to see her but he just felt good just being around her and for the first time, he didn’t lust after a woman and he wanted to wife her.

He ran his hand through his hair and said “I hardly know this mystery woman but I really want to make her mine, I don’t care if she’s married or in a relationship”

He took a shower, dressed up and got ready for his little tour.

Wherever he passed ladies would drool over him and his ego was so high but he didn’t get how that lady didn’t even flinch at the sight of him; it was as if he didn’t exist or he was just ordinary.

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