Abigail has finished college and she was home, dreading it but it was for good; she needed some money to put her plan into action, she spent everyday in her room, packing and stealthily sending them out without the knowledge of her parents.

She knew where she wanted to go and had gotten her ticket ready for the trip, “Amelia I’m ready to leave, can you come for me please? She pleaded over the phone, Amelia was reluctant but finally gave in and decided to help her best friend escape since that’s what she wanted, she arrived shortly at the Sanchez’s mansion, Abigail quickly gathered the rest of her belongings and quickly sat in Amelia’s car, luckily no one was home not even the maids, that was the perfect time for her plan to be executed.

They soon arrived at the airport, Amelia helped Abigail get her things checked and said her goodbyes to her, she also promised to join her later.


It has been two days and no one knew where Abigail was nor had anyone heard from her, Victoria was worried and devastated, “Where’s my baby girl?”, she sobbed Mr. Sanchez was pacing up and down and decided to check Abigail’s room for any clues to where she might be.

Mr. Luis Sanchez walked into his daughter’s room started searching through her remaining things when a paper fell out of a book which was lying around, it read _”Dad and Mummy, I’m sorry I had to leave, I can’t marry someone I don’t know or love, y’all should have given me my choice to choose but guess y’all won’t have, don’t look for me; you won’t find me, I love you both

Your baby,

Abigail Sanchez_..

Mr. Sanchez was dumbfounded and furious, how could his daughter play such a prank on them, she has shamed them and what was he to tell the Lautner’s, he sighed and decided to do what’s best; not hide anything but come clean about it.


The phone in Frederick’s office rang, he answered and it was Mr. Sanchez asking him to come over after work.

After work, Fred dragged his tired self to the Sanchez’s mansion and he was ushered in, Mr. Sanchez was uncomfortable, he didn’t know how Fred will handle the whole situation, he knew he was hoping to meet Abigail but she just had to ran away, he calmed his racing heart, faked a smile and spoke “Fred ermm I called you over not for anything bad, but I’ve some really sad news for all of us, he paused and sighed, my daughter the one you’re supposed to marry ran away, she left a letter that no one should look for her” he said hurtfully.

Fred was shocked, he never thought the girl had it in her; he was expecting a homely type of girl who followed the rules but all the same he was impressed by her bravery, he needed to act surprised or everyone will think he’s happy it happened, “What? You mean she ran away from home? Where can she possibly go? Have you tried calling her or anything?” He asked.

Luis stopped his pacing and sat, “we’ve been trying for the past two days now and to no avail, it’s as if she just disappeared.”

“It’s bad for our families reputation but we’ll find a way around it, I’ll talk to my dad so we cancel the wedding plans, it’s no big deal until she’s found though, Fred said to lighten the mood and the atmosphere, Mr. Sanchez was a bit relieved thanked him and He asked permission to leave, bade them goodbye and left.



Amelia intentionally came by the house to look for Abigail; knowing perfectly she isn’t around, that made her parents more worried, if her best friend didn’t know where she was then it’s bad.


“Dad our future daughter in-law is missing, he said jokingly, his dad dropped the glass, “Son, quit the jokes!!” He ordered, Fred laughed and stopped, I’m not joking you can call Mr. Luis Sanchez and ask him, he looked carefully at his dad and waited for his reaction. “I was expecting it, his dad chuckled Abigail if I remember was the wild one, she’ll never do anyone’s bidding unless it pleased her, he poured a drink for his son and himself, but you’ll have to find her, that’s the more reason you should marry, I actually feel you’ll be perfect for each other”, Fred hated this, he thought his dad will call the whole thing off but now he has to look for his runaway bride to be and where will he look? He thought to himself “but dad we can get other ladies even better than her, so why are you making me stress over a spoilt brat, a strong headed one as that? She might have run away with her boyfriend, who knows?” He tried to reason with his dad but his dad didn’t budge, he still wanted them to marry, aside from the family alliance, he knew they’ll make a perfect couple, they were both stubborn and it’ll be nice watching their drama, he laughed his thought out loud, Fred looked at his dad with raised eyebrows, “dad are you okay? He asked concerned, “Oh my son I really am and get ready we’re having dinner with the Sanchez’s on Friday in their house, he winked at him, get ready to meet your in-laws” his dad took a sip and was walking away, Fred was astonished “but dad I’ve plans for Friday”,Frederick Lautner cancel all your plans, no screwing of random whores, no partying, brace up son you’ll become a husband soon”, he laughed and left.


Abigail missed home and wished she could call but it’ll ruin everything, she wasn’t weak and wasn’t going to show any form of weakness; her parents had to see she needed to make decisions on her own and not because they told her to, she was old and can ran her affairs.

Amelia called her from time to time to inform her about things at home and how her parents were handling her disappearance, she got a job and had started life all over again, she just needed to find a boyfriend, all her friends used to laugh at her in college, now it was high time she had a boyfriend.

  • •••••••••••••••••••••••••

Lunch at the Sanchez’s was nice, all their daughters were around except Abigail but they all had fun, The Lautner’s were calm and made the bond between both families stronger and greater.

“My son is travelling next week to find his bride, Mr. Lautner smiled and said, it’ll be very nice to look for her and for them to get to know each other better, what do y’all think” all the people around agreed happily and Fred was in shock, now he can’t say no to them; his dad was sly as a fox. They continued eating and drinking, Fred excused himself to visit the loo, he heard a knock and asked the person to come in, he was surprised to see the maid enter the loo, he tried hiding his penis but it was late, she held it in her hand, “if my mistress doesn’t like this then I do, she said seductively, I’ll worship it and eat it everyday” Fred slowly removed her fingers of his penis and said “I’m sure your madam will fall in love with it and if you love your job; you’ll leave here this minute” he pointed his hand to the door and asked her to leave, The maid was ashamed and disappointed at the same time but she left.

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