“Abigail, you’re getting married as soon as you’re done with college, he’s from a wealthy family; you’ll be taken care of really well” that’s what my parents have been telling me since two months ago. How can I marry someone I don’t know? I’ve never seen him or anything and I’ll be forced into marriage, my parents are definitely joking”

“My life was supposed to be mine, I was supposed to decide when I wanted something; when to marry and when not to, like to hell with my parents” she kept talking to herself over and over.


Mr. Lautner visited the Sanchez family, he sighed “this will be an experience, my parents won’t kill me; how do they expect I fall in love with a lady I’ve never met; set eyes on, who knows if she is even ugly? Just for some Goddamn alliance, who sacrifices their children for stupid thing like that?” He talked to his best friend over the phone

He got out of his car and rang the bell about thrice before the security guard opened the gate for him.

“He’s already here” Mr. Sanchez peeped through the window and told his wife. His wife stood up and peeped too, “he’s handsome and tall” she squealed like a girl, her husband was surprised, he glared at her and shook his head. She patted his shoulder “oh come on, I’m just trying to state the obvious and see if our daughter will love him; if I do then she’ll definitely fall for him too, if only he’s not boring” she rolled her eyes.

“Sir please Mr. Lautner is in the living room waiting for you” their maid said, “Did you give him some water? Made him feel comfortable? Mrs. Sanchez asked. The maid smiled and replied in the affirmative and left Mr. And Mrs Sanchez.

We should go and meet our future son in-law they said in unison and laughed.

They walked downstairs arm in arm, “look who we have here, Mrs. Sanchez smiled and walked towards Lautner to embrace him, you look all grown up and very handsome” she giggled.

Lautner smiled and thanked her, “I bet it has been ages since you saw me, oh when I was little and used to ran around my parents house, oh stubborn me” he smiled and shook his head in remembrance.

Mr. Lautner and Mrs Sanchez sat and made light conversations before Mr. Sanchez cleared his throat to interrupt “Fred, we know what brings you here but it’s quite unfortunate she’s not home and won’t be home for a while; she’s in college and will be done in about three or four months”, he sighed and relaxed, Fred told Mr. Sanchez it’s nothing and he’s relaxed now knowing it’s their daughter he’ll be marrying, “at first I thought my dad is giving me to some spoilt brat, he chuckled but now I know I was wrong, I’m calm and a lot better now”, he stretched his legs and relaxed.

“It’s so good to have you as part of our family Fred, I’m just so excited but we just hope our baby girl won’t be mad at her parents” Mrs. Victoria Sanchez said.





“Fred how was the meeting with your prospective in-laws?” His dad asked, he rolled his eyes and told his dad it was good and seems he knows his taste, they made little jokes and got ready for dinner


Abigail was making plans, she wasn’t ready to spend her lifetime with a jerk she didn’t know anything about; a rich jerk, she was angry that her parents make decisions for her without even consulting her, she felt they treat her like a child.

“Amelia I can’t do it, I can’t marry him, I may never have thought of getting a boyfriend because of school and I may not be getting any younger but it doesn’t mean my parents should find me a husband!!” She emphasized on it.

“So why are you fussing as if you’re getting married to the devil? She scoffed at her, Abigail glared at her.

“He’s like the devil to me, she whined as she kept eating her ice cream, she stopped and talked “Only the devil ruins people’s lives he snatches it without them having a say and that’s exactly how I feel, she complained.”

“You’re totally ridiculous little brat! Come on look on the bright side”,Amelia tried to cheer her up. Soon it was time for Amelia to leave and it was left with Abigail in her apartment.

“I’ve to run away after college, I won’t let some rich arrogant dude ruin my independence, geez I enjoy my space I don’t want anyone coming in just yet”

There was a knock on the door, she stood up and decided to open; she was surprised to see her sisters at the door, she stood there lost for a while before she asked them to come in, she stammered and was lost of words for a while before she finally spoke

“wow it’s such a surprise, y’all decide to visit good ol’ Abigail”, she said sarcastically

“what brings y’all here? ” Abigail asked nonchalantly,

“we decided to drop by and take you out, it has been a while Abi” Joan said. As surprised as Abigail was, she didn’t show it, she just shook her head and made faces for a while and declined the offer and asked them to leave.

“y’all think you can just decide to appear in my life now and try to convince me to marry that rich jerk our parents want me to marry?” she said painfully.

“y’all can as well die, I don’t freaking care but y’all keep me out of that bull crap, if our parents could buy you into marrying those rich assholes then good for you but for me, I won’t buy into it and I won’t allow it, Abigail shouted angrily, you should all just leave and have return ” she shut the door and locked it and went to bed.


Mr. Lautner was in his office, he was busy doing his work when he heard a knock at the door, “come in” he said while still working. A lady walked in; she looked so pretty,

“Hello handsome, she licked her lips, sat and placed her legs on Fred’s desk, Fred raised his head and saw his ex(he broke up with her because she was a cheat, a liar and a gold digger)

“what do you want here? Thought I told you we’re done and I don’t want to see your lying ass around me? He said angrily, She cackled

“you’re still hot headed and still handsome as always, such a turn on for me; she licked her tongue stood up and went to sit on Fred, you don’t miss me? The long nights of sex and the romance?” she moaned.

They kissed for a while and there was a knock on the door, they stopped kissing and he asked the person to come in, it was the secretary telling him he had a meeting in 20minutes, he showed his ex out and followed up for the meeting

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