I found myself in the bus with her, travelling to Ibadan. Not that I wanted to, but we had to travel together because she had no idea where we were going to. I had planned my movement with someone else but cancelled plans at die minutes. I don’t enjoy her company because she has been trying to force herself on me and I only wanted friendship from her. Her name is Keji and I’m Ade.

There was a program to be attended Ijebu and as a student that loved conferences and the likes, I always keep my ears open for such functions. I have friends that we attend together and it was through one of the functions I met Keji. But this story of Keji is not for today. While we boarded the bus at the park, Keji sat at the extreme and I sat next to her praying silently that I have a huge distraction to minimize our talk time during the journey. Luckily for me a lady was to sit beside me. Oh! Perfect escape by just starting a discussion with the young lady. Keji got aware of my intentions to try ignoring her through the journey. Not because of anything but the fact that we barely talk without her linking the conversation to us being lovers.

Even at the instance, she noticed I started a conversation with the lady beside me, she tried making moves to portray that we have something together but I kept on revoking all her speeches. I got engaged with this particular lady and guess what her name was Sade. My name was in her name and such do get me a little obsessed. You can imagine Ade hooks Sade. She flowed along with me and all through the journey I engaged her talking about different things. She was a student of OOU and was heading back to school.

Coincidentally, the program was to hold in her school premises and I immediately invited her to attend. The conversation was so engrossing that from park to park we didn’t take a minute off. It was from one topic to another aspect. It was time to depart and I couldn’t just let her go like that so I made sure we exchanged contacts. I promised to beep her later to hook up and make sure she attended the event. But unfortunately I got so carried away with other activities that I could only call her when the event was about to start. Well, that only marked the beginning of our friendship. She couldn’t attend the program too as she had couple of assignments to attend to. And that was how my brief stay at Ijebu came to an end without me seeing her despite spending a couple of days after the event. But that wasn’t supposed to be a problem, is it?

We kept the communication tight and in no time we had become great friends. We chat day and night and kept getting to know more about ourselves. She had a temper but I could manage that well which got her more amazed because even her boyfriend had issues with it as he’s also impatient. Many a times they fight over issues that isn’t really worth it and if I’m available at that moment she tries to pass the aggression but I’m always able to calm her down and get her smiling again. She became so comfortable with me and got to share virtually everything with me. She shared a lot including the fact she was still untouched. I mean she was still a virgin. I wasn’t really surprised at that because she was just 21 but really can’t base on that fact because there are several others of her age that had lost count already. The closeness didn’t stop and we started getting fond of ourselves. No day goes by without us communicating and sharing our day’s activity. There are times we even sex chat and get ourselves aroused. I had even known the size of her brassiere and she knows the nature of my magic stick. You wouldn’t want me to start describing that. We had plans of me going over to her place to spend the weekend but only one hindrance kept me back. She had a roommate and was a sister to her. There’s no way we would keep her out of the room while I was there and we definitely wouldn’t want to inconvenient her. So I stayed back and we kept anticipating a moment together. We didn’t really trust ourselves what could happen during that moment especially if we are all alone in the room together. So it was better we still stayed away.

She was annoyed. I could feel the heat through her words. What could have happened? If she doesn’t share with me then who would she? Of course her boyfriend but this situation was different as he was the one to have put her in such angry situation. I tried to calm down her rave and then asked her to tell me exactly what happened. Without holding back, she explained how her boyfriend had been all over her to have sex with her but she kept on turning him down and several times in which they would quarrel about it and then apologize after a day or two. Well, I’m not saying he’s bad because some already count having pre-marital sex as a normal thing. I myself have had it a couple of times so I’m no saint. I asked why she hadn’t obliged all along and all she said was she wasn’t ready for it. Well, lots of girls do admire being a virgin till they get married but more than half do end up not so. Okay, but why the extra fuss today? He had tried to take it by force. He wasn’t successful because her roommate got back and knocked when it was all about getting over heated and she used the opportunity to step out of the room. At least he won’t be insane enough to come harass her outside in public demanding for sex. She was quick to calculate that her roommate might want to leave the room since she met them both and by that he could want to proceed with his attempt and she refused to return to the room until he had left. She couldn’t tell anyone which made the anger keep rising in her.

Fortunately, I was available for her to express all her agony. What advise do I give her now? Do I ask her to remain in the relationship and who knows he might succeed some day? Or do I ask her to break up and it won’t seem it’s for my selfish interest? Selfish interest because we had started developing feelings for ourselves. She felt hurt and I refrained from giving any advices. All I did was to pacify her and in no time she was over it and the chat was fun again. All along, the boyfriend kept calling her line but she kept ignoring it. She informed me as he was calling and even as I asked her to pick and hear him out she refused. I didn’t press much because I didn’t want what will hurt her at the moment so I just told her sooner or later you’ll still have to confront him either on call or in person. We didn’t allow that spoil our chat anyway. She went to bed that night still refusing to pick her boyfriend’s call.

She stayed angry with her boyfriend for some days and refused contact with him. All these days, we had all sorts of dirty chats and I couldn’t but wondered why she refused her boyfriend and keeps anticipating a moment with me. Is it that she never loved him or perhaps she had gone fed up of the relationship and seeking something new? Or perhaps, the boyfriend didn’t know the right way to have approached her for it. Anyway, whatever it is, I was enjoying the moment. She could really be a bad girl. This only makes me want her more.

The relationship with her boyfriend faded away and gradually she became free from him. And we got even closer. But things couldn’t get the intimacy we had anticipated so much. What could have happened?



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