You would be wondering, what possibly could go wrong. I mean, Sade had broken up with her boyfriend and she’s single again. I am single as well. The closeness between I and Sade had gone fonder, we barely could do without talking to ourselves. We love each-other already. You know all these late night sweet talks, having a chat about how beautiful we could be together really helped in growing the relationship. Shall we call this a blind date? Did I forget to mention to you, we had only still seen ourselves once? That very day we met and that was all. We had been and loving up on phone. At least I know what she looks like really and that image when I saw her lingers on. Her bright smile revealing her beautiful set of teeth.

I had basically told her all about myself and my past relationships. But I still am yet to ask her out, like to make the dating official. So you’re no longer new to the story, let’s just skip to the part where it all began to fall apart.

It started as a lovely day and at night we got talking again and as usual we were all about the sweet talks.

“I’ve wanted to ask you this all along, she said.’ Then she asked, ‘What’s your genotype?” Only then did it occur to me, oh that should have been a question asked ever since.

I replied, “AS”.

What I saw next threw me into a confusion state until she made a confirmation; “Hmmm” and I couldn’t but imagine, does this mean trouble?

“What’s wrong my dear, why the sigh?” all I could type after a moment of wonder. Then she said, “Ade, I’m sorry but we can’t continue this”.

Oh, definitely something is wrong.

“Tell me, why all of a sudden?” I asked.

“I should have told you this from the very start; I shouldn’t have let us fallen in love to this extent. It’s my entire fault, I admit”.

I tried stopping her from blaming herself just yet, but still didn’t understand what was going on. Of course, I should be guessing and one of my numerous guesses was about her last question. Or could it be that her boyfriend wants her back and she’s ready to accept him again? It couldn’t be, she’s done with him.

I didn’t want to ask the wrong questions, so I could only press on what she actually meant when she said we couldn’t continue.

Finally, she talked; “Ade, I’m SS”.

Oh my, this is trouble. I went lost in thought and only returned to the real world when my phone rang. How could she be? Yes, I admit I’m delicate but she has the most sensitive nature. “SS” what a mistake, it was from her parents. Not like I can blame them, I guess the world at their generation wasn’t so enlightened about the dangers involved around genotypes. Do we want to do this to our unborn children? The pain, sickness and some don’t even survive all those. Sade is definitely a lucky one. I mean she’s 22 now and I learnt (not so sure though) that once past the age of 22, the risk is on the low side. But if she has survived it, do we want to start another life putting them on edges and hopes that they also survive? But I have already fallen so deeply in love with her. I want to risk it, thinking that my 1A should be enough luck for us. I want her, I really do. We were both in a confusion state at the moment and we couldn’t just think of what next. We ended the conversation for the night. On my bed, all I kept thinking about was her till I fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning, it all seemed like a dream and for another moment I was still wondering. Well, what will be, will definitely be. I placed a call to her as usual before going about my normal days activities. All through the day, it kept occurring to me. The discussion kept playing in my head like it was at the moment. At that point I decided, we could go ahead and risk it. We could still be together against all odds. I’ll try to convince her, I told myself. So later at night when we got chatting, I raised the topic again and was all about convincing her into the relationship still. For a moment she was buying the idea, though I was a bit scared of the nearest future. After a while of trying to convince her, I paused to ask for her opinion as well. She said to me; “Ade, you’ve been so good to me and nobody wants this more than I do. But I’m very scared. I’m sure if my parents knew the dangers involved, they wouldn’t have come together”.

At that point, I felt a weakness and decided to thread a little on in, I Said, “Do you now want to blame your parents for falling in love? Or is it that their marriage isn’t beautiful?”

She responded saying ‘’No, not that. I can only imagine the pain I go through myself. Now thinking of putting my children in same position is making me feel guilty already”.

At that point, I felt weak too. And was imagining how it would have to take a child so frequent to the hospital for treatment. What if we don’t get so lucky and have more that a child of that genotype? What if they don’t get to survive it? That will cause more agony and then we might be regretting that we could have avoided it.

Her message came in, ‘’Ade, I know what you’re thinking. And I know how much you feel for me. You know we shouldn’t do this. Please, don’t talk me to it. We might regret it afterwards”.

And at that point, I understood perfectly that we shouldn’t make a wrong choice and be blinded by love. I know I have to let go. But that doesn’t mean that I should let go of my care for her. She is precious to me and whoever she might end up with will have to understand that it was only circumstance that kept us apart. We couldn’t be together but definitely I’ll always love her…..



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