There she was blushing all over, clearly seen by all of us seated on a round table trying to have some fun. She’s pretty and I’m cute and at that moment we both wanted ourselves. I felt confident because I was way older but her, naïve. At least that was what she felt.

I’ve only finished my university education at FUNAAB and I decided to just still hang around in Abeokuta. During my school days, I was a member of this outstanding organization which happens to be all around the world and perhaps almost all varsities in Nigeria. This organization gave us the platform to travel almost everywhere and at that get to make friends, associates, accomplices, and some love. Speaking of friends, I had quite a number of them. I’m that warm friend you’ll always find confidence in. A friend whenever you’re with, every moment becomes memorable, I’m Tade. With all this profile, making friends wasn’t that hard. The most amusing aspect of me, though I can’t really explain but people, I mean anyone who has ever had an encounter with me do tell me that I do have a sweet mouth. But it wasn’t really hard to explain whenever I get to make people laugh and get carried away when I talk. Seriously, I should consider a career in Emceeing.

There was this guy, a friend, named Tunde. Remembering, he was that friend I loved to pick on and we always had lots of fun exchanging friendly insults. Don’t get me wrong, you can imagine a friend that loves to barb his hair to the last skin and leave his beards. He was also a friendly person though not as cool as me. But his girlfriend then, Shade won’t agree to that. Anyways, he was a friend and a good one at that. We shared lots of moments together and created quite some remarkable memories. I used to be one person he envied when it comes to female aspect. He used to say then, he’ll always need to make extra efforts to get a girl but for me they just come in handy. I used to laugh at that but it was true. I think I mentioned Shade earlier? yes, she was seeing Tunde and she was schooling in same state as I was.

Tunde had been telling me a lot about her and how she’s been a wonderful person to him. I could imagine because I used to have a girlfriend I cared a lot about, Shola, but circumstances broke us apart. He loved Shade and that’s all that mattered.

That faithful day, I got a call from Tunde to inform me he was going to be coming over to Abeokuta to spend some days with his girlfriend and would love to have my help arrange a place to stay. Unfortunately, I couldn’t offer my place because I wasn’t staying alone but we settled for a hotel nearby. Date was fixed and I was to be the host of them both and getting them to same venue. The day came and we 3 were together. After having lodged in the hotel, we decided not to bore ourselves by staying in the room but go visiting a friend and hang out afterwards. We set out and the mistake we made was that we didn’t call the friend before leaving only to get there and find out that he wasn’t home. I Placed a call and we realized he was quite engrossed at school at the moment and couldn’t meet up with us at the moment. Do we then return to the hotel room? no, we decided to go have the fun somewhere else. We got to a bar. Hold that thought, I don’t drink alcohol but my friend does though not a drunk. We settled to our table, made some orders and the gist started.

After quite a while, they both withdrew themselves to a private discussion, I couldn’t help but just watch and tried to get carried away with football match being projected at the bar. I didn’t bother to ask what or why the private discussion while I was sitting there all alone. Little did I know that my sweet mouth magic had worked on her and she was actually discussing on her friends she had invited over to have fun as well. After the whole night, we parted ways as they headed to their hotel room and I went back home. Before the departure, I was told to get dressed and available by 10am the following day because we were going out together and her friends who shall be arriving the following day as well. It was going to be a fun weekend. I got home and ironed my check shirt and chinos brown. We kept on communicating on our phones and all Tunde was telling me was to make sure I look good when coming. Of course, I do look good every other day.

It was morning and it was their call that got me up from bed. ‘What are we having for breakfast o?’ That was the question that came out upon receiving the call. I smiled and got up from bed saying, ‘did she finish you overnight that you’re up hungry this early morning?’ He laughed back and informed me she could hear me loud and clear as the phone was on speaker. I didn’t mind, exchanged greetings with her and asked her same question. I got up to get ready to go meet them. I dressed up and tried looking extra cool as requested but little efforts did I need because I was naturally looking good already. That very cute guy. I set out and got with them in no time. The 3 of us were ready, now awaiting other friends. After waiting a very long while, they finally called that they were close by. We went out of the room to receive them. Oh my, they were 3. Romoke, Bimpe and of course Tara. At first I acted like a gentle person, that’s how we roll. We got back to the room and we allowed them change and looking good before we set out. As they were all getting kitted up, I engaged them all but more with Tara. They were all gorgeous, but I got more interested in one. You can spell it out already.

We got out and my sweet mouth was running again. Not like I do it on purpose, it’s just natural. We got to the place of choice and it was where it all began. We were to climb some stairs and then I offered to carry her all the way up. She started blushing and challenged me, and so I did. We took quite some pictures and believe me when I say she was as open as a book and everyone could read her and know she was already tripping. I noticed as well, but it wasn’t my type to take advantage of the situation. I allowed her enjoy the moment and after the stairs paperrazzi, she sat next to me at the table. We continued our discussion and were getting withdrawn. Soon we decided to change location, and headed towards some other place. We got a bar to settle at and still she was next to me. We made the orders and the table soon got full. We had just finished our meal and we were beginning to converse on a general level. Did I just say we, well it didn’t take everyone else on the seat to realize we were half way gone, discussing something different and private. Tunde got up first and took Shade away on a pretense to take a walk around. Few seconds later Romoke and Bimpe excused themselves as well, leaving just Tara and I at the table. I smiled to myself and realized they all left the table so we could actually have some time alone. I took my seat even closer to her and took her phone. I began to use the opportunity bestowed to ask her personal questions. She did as well but she was shy to look at me directly so she decided to play a game as she was responding to me. I requested to join her and we got to take turns. After a while, the discussion got intense and our heads were only inches apart. Then I noticed our friends returning already. In the mode of the game, I had beaten her high score and she was trying to set a new one for me. She kept on trying but couldn’t and then I told her, “I’ll give you a kiss if only you beat the new high score”. I had taken my mind off when she asked me again if I was serious about what I said and I replied again yes. We all just noticed she was fully concentrated on the game and kept trying over and over. Only I could understand the reason but they were all left in guess. It was getting late already and our friends were to return back to school but we were able to convince them to stay behind. Besides, someone neverreally wanted to go yet, she hadn’t beaten the high score and her price couldn’t just go away like that. We got back to the room, I left for home to get changed and on getting back I still met my dear Tara playing the game. I got beside her on the bed and soon enough we were already conversing in a low tone. We were left to ourselves and every other person discussing. A call came through and it was Tara’s dad so she excused herself from the room to receive the call. As she stepped out, it was a general question they all asked. ‘Tade, what is it with the game that she has been playing?’ I laughed and replied, ‘I gave her a high score to beat and her price is a kiss.’ We all laughed it off as she stepped back into the room and resumed the game. Soon everyone fell asleep but we were both awake and she was still trying to beat the high score. Did she? Did she not? It was only a matter of time before got to bed as well…




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  • Neemah
    June 10, 2017 at 7:27 am

    Funny funny

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    June 11, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Please nxt episode ASAP


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