It was going to be her birthday. I wasn’t that boyfriend that could afford all the luxury but I sure knew how to make a happy one. I confided in a friend to have a surprise cake ready. I knew I couldn’t go to her school because there were lots of restrictions; private school palava, so I had invited her to come over and spend the weekend.

Her birthday was on a Monday and she wouldn’t be able to wait because she had classes. But we could make the surprise before the actual day.

I was expecting just my baby, but I wasn’t surprised to see them all. I mean Shade, Bimpe and Romoke. On welcoming them, Shade narrated that she had an entirely different mission coming around and she has to be with her sister. Without settling down, I escorted her back to the road to get her into a cab. But it was so late and we had to return back as we couldn’t get a cab. We were all in the room but the heat was much as there was no electricity supply. The room was vacated to stay out for some air. But two people remained in. Tara and I. We got talking but that didn’t last long before we got intimate. The room was dark as we didn’t put on any source of light so we were confident no one could come in and see us. She wanted to have a kissing record. How long could we even last without having the sex temptation. But we started kissing anyway and this time very long. My hand knew no bounds on her body and she tried to move along. My hand slid under her pant and she made a soft moan as I touched her clit. This was getting too intense and I needed to stop before she goes finally out of control. Obviously if I had continued, it would have been her first sex. I should have, so I feel now. But I didn’t. I teased her for a while and she kept on moaning. I could say she had almost exhausted her control just before I stopped and took my hands off her pant. She immediately gained her senses back and realized how far we’ve gone. She got annoyed and felt maybe I had taken her virginity in the process of teasing. That should tell you how naive she was. She wanted to keep her virginity and I understood that which was why I made sure I had my control all through. We took dinner and she went to bed forming anger. I let her sleep.

The night was very long and very hot. You can imagine all of us in a room where there was no power supply to keep the fan working. I didn’t plan for all of us but it was a good thing they all came. I had my friends around too, female friends that stayed in that house and they retreated to their rooms after the night chat on the corridor. Finally it was morning. I rolled over her and kissed her. She realized she had wasted the night trying to be angry and now it was too late as they’ll have to return back to school. We talked and I assured her she was still intact, the way she came. Just then she felt sorry for ruining the night. The few moments were maximized. We all prepared breakfast and one after the other used the bathroom to have our bath as it was time to depart again. We had all gotten dressed and ready to move when I made the move to get the surprise. I brought a cake. She wasn’t expecting it and her reaction I still cherish till this very moment. As she saw the cake she jumped on me while blushing and kissed me. Everyone went wow; even I wasn’t expecting her to do so. She was happy and I was glad I made her.

But what went wrong? The news came to me that she was seeing someone else at her school but only doing so because she was scared. What was she scared of? and who was this person she was seeing? These were the questions I was left to answer. I was very influential and it was like I was everywhere because I could get any information anytime and she knew that fact. It didn’t take me too long to find out the answers. The answers I won’t disclose because it could rather be dangerous. I picked up my phone and accused her. At first she was surprised how I got to know all, which only made her confirm her doubts about me as well. She felt one can’t be that influential except if one has some certain factors backing him/her. But little did she know that she was wrong and I only had to get my connection by meeting lots of people when on tours. She tried explaining but it wasn’t justified because she didn’t want to break it to me that she was also scared of me. She had been fed the wrong information which placed me and the other person in same category. I asked her to make a choice, either we continue and she stops seeing the other person or vice versa. To my surprise, she chose to break up with me. I was really hurt and mad. I tried thinking about it for a while but I couldn’t handle being more furious. Days passed and I couldn’t still believe it ended just like that. I tried to move on so I deleted all their contacts including all the pictures we took together and were on my phone. But of course I couldn’t delete the memories.

2 years later, I needed a contact from her school for a friend who wanted to have an exhibition. I made contact with Shade if I could get one as she had graduated but it happened that the only option she had was Tara. I wanted to help a friend achieve her dream so I laid aside my grudges and requested for her number again. I got it and called. I tried being formal but she broke me on our first conversation. We got talking and the memories resurfaced. I realized I still had the feelings even though I was still very angry at her. I showed it every moment we had to converse that I was really still mad at her. Even at the point we had to work together. She couldn’t hold it and I couldn’t but I have to be angry. I demanded an explanation from her. She told me she was more scared of the other person hurting me as he had also gotten information about me. She believed if she stopped dating me it would stop him from coming for me. She thought she made a sacrifice but hurt me real bad. She was so scared that she had to let go.

I tried to understand and come to terms with her. But now it seems too late to get it going again. I read you asking why? That’s exactly the reason it ‘HAPPILY NEVER AFTER’ because she’s now with someone else…




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  • Neemah
    June 14, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    We don’t always get what we want… love never feel so good 💔

  • Adesola
    June 15, 2017 at 4:10 am

    Sometimes it lasts a lot, but sometimes it hurts instead.

  • shade lawal
    June 15, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    Kudos my guy


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