It seemed like a very long night but we were making most of it. With Tara by my side, the soft whisper conversation seemed endless. The challenge was still on. The challenge to beat my game high score and get a kiss from me. Tunde, Shade, Bimpe and Romoke were already asleep leaving just the competitor and the champion awake, I mean Tara and me. She kept on playing; trying hard to get the reward but the game wasn’t on her side. So I decided to reward her feelings and mine as well by just giving her the kiss. I took the phone away from her and her first she protested that she wanted to continue the game. That was because she didn’t know what I was up to. I put a finger over her lips, commanding her to shut. Leaned closer to her face and we could both feel our breath and I said,

“I know you want this bad, just as I do. So I won’t deny us both this opportunity.” Staring into her eyes, I could pick out her line,

“You haven’t even asked me out”,she said.

I smiled and asked, “Should I?” I think we are already dating but for the record, Will you be my girlfriend?

She smiled softly and said no.

I wasn’t surprised; I knew she was trying to take advantage of the moment. I laughed and said, “I know that’s a yes and so be it my new lover”.

I closed the gap between our lips as she shut her eyes, tilted her head for our lips to lock in. We started kissing and we both felt the connection. I stopped after some seconds and this time she protested harder.

“Aww, is that going to be all? Just some seconds and you stopped”, she said.

I smiled and laid on my back, letting her come on top of me. I said to her, “Now, we can kiss all night”. We resumed kissing and this time more intimately. We didn’t care if others could spring awake and see us in that position. We kept on and after about 15mins, it was so intense. We couldn’t have sex, lots of factors. She was a virgin; it was our first day together and of course not with people in the room. After a while, we stopped and decided to sleep. She slept in my arms and I can say we had a very good sleep.

It was morning already, Bimpe got up first because she had to prepare for church. One after the other, we all woke up and began getting prepared to depart. I couldn’t but give a good morning kiss to Tara. Bimpe had to leave them behind so as to meet up with church service. It was then time for the remaining of us to depart and believe me, it was like we should all relive the moments shared or perhaps still stay together for couple more days. I exchanged contacts with everyone and we moved out of the hotel. Tara was beside me, holding each other as we walked to the bus stop. Remember I said she was as open as a book and we could all read her that she never wanted to leave yet. But this time, it wasn’t possible to keep her back. We got a cab for the 3 girls and as we bided farewell, I couldn’t but notice Tara being emotional and looking at me from the rare of the cab. I waved at her and blew her a kiss. Something else happened, and I only got to know later at night when I was chatting with Shade. Guess what, tears had rolled down Tara’s eyes as we departed earlier in the day. Such emotion. I felt like I’ve gotten a soul mate. You can imagine how we’ve started feeling for each other.

Days passed and our communication went on. I used to send her a poem every night. Sometimes I get to read it out to her. So I was in love again. It was as strong as reading for her. She was studying a course way out of my league. I was an agric student, she’s a law student. Just to encourage her, I go online download notes, after I must have gotten topics from her and read them so as to keep up. I’d read during the day and then we chat later at night. Ask her questions and it kept marveling her how I could learn that much within a short period of time. I did it because I didn’t want to serve as a distraction to her. And I wanted her to be better than me. Her friends were envious; of course not a moment passes by without Tara bragging about me. I choose her meals, I make her to pray, I was her alarm clock and it was endless. I was careful not to hurt her so I try as much too always making her happy. Remember I said I had just finished from the university and apparently didn’t have a job yet but I always tried to call her daily before we then retreat to chat…..



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  • Neemah
    June 13, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Isn’t love interesting??

  • dalove
    June 13, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Nice one dear

  • Anonymous
    March 25, 2018 at 11:00 am



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