Just one more step, thats all and i’ll be free forever.
Or isn’t that what they say?
Death frees us all.
I make to lift my foot and for some reason it feels so heavy.I stare down at my foot but all I see is the ocean, wrapping its cold hands around my waist. I feel myself shivering, I would hug myself if my hands werent soaked in the blood of those I mudered. probably doesnt matter since i’ll be dead soon though.
I raise my face to the sky for some sign from the universe saying I’m worthy of forgiveness but I’m greeted with a fog-filled sky.
As the next wave crashes over me I lunge forward, taking the final step towards freedom or more chaos?
Time to find out.
Its 3:05am and I’m currently drowning in the Atlantic ocean at an unnamed beach in Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria.
Time of Suicide: Between 3:00am – to however long it took the ocean to decide if I was worthy to enter the afterlife.
Hit the playback button.
My name is…oh never mind, I’ll be a half-eaten corpse by the time you read this so instead, let me take you back to where it all began…
“Ensure you submit your Project, binded and signed by your supervisor on or before 10am Friday!”
I gather up my stuff, mostly past projects and PDF articles I had printed out on topics related to my project topic and exit the lecture hall. I pause for several seconds contemplating between either heading back to my hostel or going to get lunch,  I decide the former. Back in my room, I strip, take a much-needed shower, dress in a spaghetti-strap top and shorts and settle into my bed in preparation for a nap. Just then my room door creaked open_
She: “sorry good afternoon, I’m looking for _ oh! You’re here sef, I’ve been trying your number since, wassup?”
Its Sandra, some babe who was also assigned to my project supervisor, let’s just say I like her person, a lot.
“oh! It’s probably network. Glo has been acting up lately. Have you been to see him yet?”
Sandra: “see him ke! Me that I haven’t finished sharing my questionnaires, talkless of carrying out analysis. The  thing is beginning to frustrate me”
“pele…I gave Hakeem my questionnaires to analyze for me, so I’m technically free for now, so you’re welcome…”
Sandra: “oh! How much did you pay him? Wait! I’m welcome for?”
“I’ll help you with yours na because I’m a good person..hehehehehe!”
Sandra: “na so! Thank you sha! How much did you pay him na so he can do mine when I’m done”
“I didn’t  pay him, he’s my boyfriend’s cousin, so he’s doing me a favor”
Sandra: “oh the famous boyfriend we’ve never met! Can you beg him to do mine? Please na, I’m broke!”
“na so! You’re always broke…silly child!”
     I spend the following day assisting Sandra with her questionnaires during which Daniel calls to confirm our plans for the weekend_
“hey you!”
Daniel: ” hey, how’s your day going?”
“it’s not so bad, helping a friend with her project but I’ll be done soon though”
Daniel: “oh that’s nice. Are we still on for tonight?”
“oh its Friday already?! Eeeerrmmm…I don’t think I can make it this weekend, I’m really sorry baby”
Daniel: “oh wow, three weekends in a row! its fine! see you next weekend? Or will you be too busy for me?”
“Daniel don’t be like that, I’m not doing this on purpose, you know final semester is crazy na, plus it’s almost over. Baby I’m really sorry, I’ll make it up to you I promise”
Daniel: “…yeah sure”
With that the line goes dead, sigh! I really can’t handle this right now, at least not now! Why is he acting like I’m making up excuses on purpose?! You’d think the four months we’ve been together would make him stop acting like I’ll take to my heels any moment. I do think I’ve showed in all ways humanly possible that I’m here to stay ,sigh!.
Daniel, please have faith in me.
Have faith in us.
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  • Neemah
    June 16, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Hmmmm this is getting interesting already


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