Two months later…

School’s finally over.

Hey mum! I’m a graduate now, not that you’d care, not that you deserve it. Still I made it!

It’s late noon on a Saturday, I’m standing at Daniel’s balcony with my earphones in place watching the hustle of Lagosians across the Lagoon…Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I receive a text from my mother asking me to call her urgently, I mentally brace myself as I scroll through my phonebook to dial her number_

Grrr! Grrr! Grrr! Grrr! Grrr! Gr…

Mum: “Hello…”

And here we go again.

“hello ma! Good afternoon ma! You said

I …”

Mum: “yes I know I asked you to call me back…how are you?”


Mum: “Aunty Aina said you’ve finally graduated, at least you didn’t turn out to be totally useless…”


Mum: “anyways, I need you to do something for me…”

Oh wow!

Mum: “I am getting married…Anthony proposed…”

Oh finally! who is Anthony again?

Mum: “I need you to be my maid of honor, he’s asked that I have at least two family members present and you’re the only one I could think of asides from Shafiat’s mum, so I’d rather you do it especially since I told Anthony you’re my baby sister…”


I hope you choke in your sleep soon(thoughts)


Mum: “so will you do it for me?


Like you’ve ever done anything for me…pfft!(thoughts)


“well firstly, congratulations on your engagement…and yes I will be your maid of honor…”

Mum: “oh thank you! I’ll send you the details via mail soon…bye!”

What just happened?! Me? Maid of honor for my mother? Hehehehehehhehe!


It’s a few minutes past 7pm when I hear the doorbell ring and I head for the door_

“yeah, who is it?”

Daniel: “Daniel …”

I turn the lock and pull the door open_

“hey baby! How was your day?”

Daniel: “twas alright”

He walks into the kitchen, dumps his things at the door and reaches for me in record time.

Daniel: “there’s just been one problem…”

He begins to trace his fingers down the length of my arched back.I like where this is going!

“and what might that be?”

Daniel: “well I couldn’t stop thinking of how much I would love to eat my girlfriend out…”

His hand reaches to grab my round bottom. I lightly shove at him, break free from his embrace, then reach beneath his round tee I’ve been wearing all day to pull my panties down to my ankles. I step out of them and hoist myself unto the kitchen slab and spread my thighs apart_

“well…how may I be of service?”

I smile my slow seductive smile…he covers the distance between us in two short strides and begins to stroke my inner thigh.

Daniel: “…oooooh! In more ways than you can imagine…”

He wraps his arms around my thighs, pulls me close and buries his head between my thighs.






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  • Neemah
    June 21, 2017 at 8:45 am

    What a mom


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