One sleepover rolled over into spending the entire week at my mother’s and I loved every moment till this happened_

“Hey babe”

Daniel: “Oh look who it is! Now I exist”

“Oh c’mon don’t be like that!”

Daniel: “Don’t be like what??! You’ve been gone an entire week with no text or call to inform me of your whereabouts!”

“What are you saying?! I sent you messages and called a few times when I was certain you’d be home!”

Daniel: “Who do you think you’re lying to?! That man you’re with had better be worth you abandoning you’re your boyfriend and cousin for an entire week!”


Daniel: “Yes! She got kicked out of her apartment as she couldn’t afford the rent anymore.”

“Kicked out? How? Shafiat stays with her parents!”

Daniel: “She does? Oh.”

I hear a female voice in the background.

Daniel: “Babe I have to go now”

“Go? Why_”

The line goes dead.

Okay what da hell is going on?!

Mother: “Is everything okay?”

I didn’t notice her walk in.


Mother: “good. On by the way can you imagine what Aunty suggested I do to win Anthony back?!”

“Which aunty?”

Mother: “Shafiat’s mum na…”

She begins laugh uncontrollably before I can respond.

“What na?”

Mother: “she gave me a portion she got from her prophet to pour into Anthony’s food to make him want me and then apply some weird looking cream…down there so he’d be hook for life!”

“Are you serious?! Hehehehehehe!”

Mother: “yes!”

And then it hit me_ Shafiat was acting weird the day she came over to Daniel’s place.

Oh God no! No! Please God no!

“Mum I have to go right now. It’s very urgent”

Mother: “I thought you said there’s nothing wrong!”

“Oh there is mother! There is!”

I grab my things and race out of the apartment, stop a bike and head to Daniel’s apartment.






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