Welcome to the final episode of FADED: The Series.




But his car is parked out front.



But his shoes are littering the hallway.



But there’s music and laughter floating in from the spare room.

I feel a growing tightness in my chest. Step-by-step I force myself towards the room, turn the knob. At the sight of the familiar piece of female clothing draped across the edge of the bed my breathing stops, still I walk into the bathroom and gasped at the sight that greeted me _Daniel and Sandra, in the bathtub, naked.

Daniel: “babe! I can explain…it’s not what it looks like”

He rises from the bathtub, reaches for the towel but I beat him to it, unsure of why I grabbed the towel to begin with. He races into the room for some sort of clothing, who cares though. As I make to walk of the bathroom after Daniel, Sandra steps out of the bathtub_

Sandra: “babe sorry o but you know say no be only you sabi good thing, as you sef dey enjoy you no want make me too enjoy?”

“You must have lost your damn mind! You shameless whore! I thought we were friends!”

Sandra: “oh please! Don’t be so naïve”

I feel my palm hit her cheek in response. She lunges at me but I move in time to avoid her attack. In a split second she leaps at me again and soon it’s raining cats and dogs. With the help of the sink, I pull myself to my feet with her also attempting to stand by holding unto me. In my defence I shove hard and the silence that follows is deafening but is soon broken by Daniel’s re-entry.

Daniel: “Dear God, what have you done?!”

I whip my head around and realise my shove had been just enough force to cause Sandra to fall backwards hitting the edge of the bathtub and she is currently lying in a growing pool of her own blood.

Daniel: “what have you done?! Oh my God! Oh my God!”

I fall to my knees beside her and cradle her head my blue jeans soaked in her blood, praying for some sign of life.

Daniel: “don’t touch her!”

Daniel: “babe I love you but we have to report this to the police, I can’t go down for this!” He dashes out of the bathroom again, for several seconds I’m a complete mess of tears, mucus, blood and inaudible mutterings. That’s when it hit me:

If Daniel calls the police, I’ll go to jail for life.

If I go to jail he will be free to move on with his life even though this is all his fault he’s the one who cheated, he’s the one that should be punished not me!


Mustering whatever shreds of calm I had left, I move from the floor of the bathroom, lift the water-closet reservoir cover and steady myself for what must be done. I find Daniel in the hallway, on the phone, muttering out details of the occurrence of the last few minutes, he has his back to me.

I love you too baby.

I grab the heavy ceramic with both hands, raise it as high as I can manage and then…


I watch Daniel’s phone crash to the floor faster than his body does. Soon he’s lying in a pool of his own blood.

I sit for hours trying to make sense of my life, it’s pointless.

No one wants me.

No one will look for me

Hell! No one will miss me!

I find my phone and call an Uber.


Now I’m right back where we started…


One step.

Just one more step…that’s all and I’ll be free forever.

Or isn’t that what they say?

Death frees us all.

I make to lift my foot and for some reason it feels so heavy, I stare down at my foot but all i see is the ocean, wrapping its cold hands around my waist. I feel myself shivering, i would hug myself if my hands weren’t soaked in the blood of those I murdered…probably doesn’t matter since I’ll be dead soon though. I raise my face to the sky for some sign from the universe saying I’m worthy of forgiveness but I’m greeted with a fog-filled sky.

As the next wave crashes over me I lunge forward, taking the final step towards freedom or more chaos?

Time to find out.

It’s 3:05am and I’m currently drowning in the Atlantic ocean at an unnamed beach in Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Time of Suicide: Between 3:00am – to however long it took the ocean to decide if I was worthy to enter the afterlife.



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  • Abolade Tolu
    July 13, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Dat’s a tragic one…

  • Anonymous
    January 10, 2019 at 1:42 pm



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