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AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA. IDERA   We were all waiting for the cab man to pick us up when Tayo and Bolanle asked to be left out as the cab man was delaying. We huged eachother, just to say good bye. Which made I and Tolu the only ones waiting for the man. The cab man


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   The groove at the burn fire was quite evident. I smiled at the thought of what went down that evening / night. So many energetic horny sweaty bodies were jamming and ramming. While some were rocking, some others who were just there to watch, the born onlookers stood looking and some


AUTHOR/WRITER: OSA   They say nothing cleans a house faster than a guy when a babe is on her way. And that’s what he did. He was just finishing when his phone rang. “Hello.” A female voice said “Hi” “Is your house the one with the black gate?” She asked. Her voice was so sweet


AUTHOR/WRITER: OSA   Gosh! Your picture is the bomb That was what had appeared on his screen after he had pressed send. He almost didn’t remember typing it. She had put up a very sexy photo of herself in a white top and black jeans. It was almost unreal how she looked innocent and cute


AUTHOR/WRITER: GEROGE CRANKY Jiggy and I had been neighbours for a while, I guess because he was far older than me we didn’t have much to talk about. I was still in high school even though at this new era, high school kids have started having sex, I am very positive it is nothing compared


AUTHOR/WRITER: GEORGE CRANKY Peckham! One of the most notorious neighborhoods in London, too bad it’s going to be my home for a while. My name is Shawn and I am a journalist, not the formal type but the offshore type. I spend most of my time on the field travelling and trying to get genuine


WRITER/AUTHOR: GEORGE (CRANKY STORIES) The school was too comfortable for a serious person, different opportunities, they had a bar, club, lounge and several varieties of eateries, and it was a semi university slash playground. The system was so organized, you have to register your courses on-line and all that, I Missed lectures for the first


AUTHOR/WRITER: TIMILEHIN IGE The drive was quite tedious. The traffic was a hell of a mess. Had to go very slowly and naturally I won’t have enjoyed it. What helped was the music with the presence of my lovely babe. She was in high spirit. One thing I have noticed about her was that she


AUTHOR/WRITER: TIMILEHIN IGE Ko! Ko! Ko! I could hear the loud knock on my door. Yes! I answered please come in!  I am expecting my lovely girlfriend. It could only be her. She walked in and started looking at me steeply. I looked intensely at her to show my resolve not to forgive her. What she had done was

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