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AUTHOR/WRITER: Abdulhameed Olasunkanmi Tajudeen   I used to walk on my own When i am doing things i am alone I never ask for a show When i have got nothing to show I used to walk on my own When am going places i am alone I never ask for a stroll When i have


AUTHOR/WRITER: ECHOESMINDS   The Joy felt at the notice of thy presence in the Womb, The blissful atmosphere you brought to the woman. “Oh, a mother I shall soon become” “In my embrace always will you be” “After my Father will I name him” “After my mother will I call her” “Oh,my sweet one” “So


POET: AYODELE AYOOLA The life we live in is like a walking shadow, without a physical image The life that beats and makes one cry, when others are laughing. The life that beats without cane The life that teaches and instruct, It tells one where to live. The life that direct one without acting film


POET: OLADELE AYOOLA Dear friend, I’m to tell you you’re the best, Second to none, But to remind You, Always appreciate whatever you lay your hands upon, in order to keep on moving in life. Remember that “If you fail to appreciate ,you’ll be depreciated”.


POET: TONYE WILLIAM The stars came out as they began to kiss, A love story like never before begins tonight, she thought, The history of the memories they create will transcend throughout the generations of their making, she thought, An awakening kindled, a beautiful tale unfolding, Pause and listen to her sweet sounds of ecstasy,


POET: TONYE WILLIAM Eureka, I’ve found it, I screamed out from my seat, The right words to get me what I seek, I discover has been lodged all along in my cheek,   Years spent were not wasted, For unto this discovery a time had been slated, With a song of joy, a victory dance,


POET/WRITER: FAYSAL BIOBAKU Someday I feel like I can take on the whole world and Someday I feel like what I’ve got isn’t enough and I’m going to end up alone. Wondering where I went wrong. Perhaps on the street begging for change or in a one (1)bed room apartment with a wife and children

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Nimota Ideraoluwa

I am Teriba Nimota Ideraoluwa, I was born in Ogun state, into a family of eight, I'm the second child of the family and the first female child. Anike is a name my mum calls me whenever I'm sad , Anike is my Oriki (praise name). continue here...