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It was very cold in the morning, my stomach wouldn’t stop rumbling because I was unable to eat last night. I wouldn’t still be able to eat this morning too because I’ve no money to feed with. I mange myself with the mechanic shop I work with, life hasn’t been easy for me but I

What I learnt when I tried to kill myself

What I learnt when I tried to kill myself What do you do when everyone knows what you did? A few weeks ago I joined the same exclusive club as Drew Barrymore, Eminem, Britney Spears and a host of other celebs. Like your average A-list party, there was plenty of booze and a few pills

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Nimota Ideraoluwa

Nimota Ideraoluwa

I am Teriba Nimota Ideraoluwa, I was born in Ogun state, into a family of eight, I'm the second child of the family and the first female child. Anike is a name my mum calls me whenever I'm sad , Anike is my Oriki (praise name). continue here...

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