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AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA   “Good morning baby”, my husband said to me. “Good morning love” I said back to him. I immediately checked my phone and I realized I was late for work. I immediately jumped out of bed while I rushed down to the bathroom. This has been my whole life since I got


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA   If someone had said I was going to make it this far in life, I wouldn’t have believed it. Who would have thought amidst all the pain, sufferings, tears, sorrows and poverty, there was a gold who was waiting to be discovered. I was the gold and all God wanted was for


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA IDERA    Ring ring.. that was my phone ringing. I picked up the call, it was daddy on the phone “Hello daddy, Good afternoon” “Afternoon dear, are you home?” he asked “No dad, why?” I’m around your neighborhood so I thought I’d pay you a visit” “Oh okay daddy, can you make


AUTHOR/ WRITER: AKINKUNMI OLATUNDE   We have two worlds. The world of days and that of nights These two worlds consist of real and imaginary things Those things can occur in either of the worlds. Nobody get to question why rain falls during the day, and same rain falls in the night. My point here


AUTHOR/WRITER- Halimah Ganiyu   In my society, you might be depressed but you are actually not allowed to be. People feel that you have no right to be depressed because after all there are other people going through what you are going through or worse. You hear them say ‘So she thinks she has problem, did


AUTHOR/WRITER: Halimah Ganiyu   I love mama, she is beautiful very beautiful, she looks like an angel and I think God sent her to me. It’s only mama and me, we are a team, we do everything together and no one is allowed between us. I am not allowed to talk to anyone unless mama tells


AUTHOR/WRITER: Ellawrites   The smell of burning cigarette mixed with sweat filled the air. It was a cold January morning and Leticia laid semi naked in bed. Beside her a young man wearing only boxer briefs with cigarette in his mouth, stared into the empty space quietly brooding. The man, dark and lanky, with lots of

Murder on 15th Street

AUTHOR/WRITER: Oche Viktoh Meet the writer here As those tears pushed open the floodgates of her eyes and rushed out to form a pathway across her cheeks, Atinuke felt the heaviness in her heart trigger the flow of an endless fountain of pain whilst she stood hopeless, starring at her reflection in that mirror.  It was


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA. I   CONCLUDING PART “Let him go” “But he’s my first son, my dad countered”. I just keep going with no destination, my head was blank but I was determined that there was no going back. It was getting dark and I soon sighted some guys who were packing dirts(bin) around. I


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA. I   Part 2 “Look your husband has a son and a daughter with another woman. This has happened for more than six years now. We just found out when the children said they wanted to kmow their brother. Forgive him Tinuke”. Mummy broke into tears.. the family members couldn’t watch her

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