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AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFTEENTH   Welcome to the final episode of FADED: The Series.   “Babe?” Silence. But his car is parked out front. “Baby?” Silence. But his shoes are littering the hallway. “Daniel?” Silence. But there’s music and laughter floating in from the spare room. I feel a growing tightness in my chest. Step-by-step I force


AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFTEENTH   One sleepover rolled over into spending the entire week at my mother’s and I loved every moment till this happened_ “Hey babe” Daniel: “Oh look who it is! Now I exist” “Oh c’mon don’t be like that!” Daniel: “Don’t be like what??! You’ve been gone an entire week with no text


AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFTEENTH   keep the change” I alight from the Uber and walk into KFC as stated in the text to meet my mother. My nerves are strung tight and my senses are on edge the closer I draw to her. She seems calm, almost unbothered_ This woman has no feelings whatsoever. Mother: “please


AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFTEENTH   I arrive to an empty apartment, in a bid to distract myself I pace about for several minutes. Soon I tire of that and dial Daniel’s number, he answers on the first ring_ Daniel: “hey babe! Wassup? “fine…” Daniel: “Are you still at your mum’s?” “No” Daniel: “How did things go?”


AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFTEENTH Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Lagos, Nigeria Whew! It’s good to be back! Four days felt like eternity with the lies and pretence I had to keep up with, I search for Daniel in the crowd, spot him and run into his arms. Daniel: “well, somebody definitely missed me!” “Yes I did…I


AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFTEENTH   Grrrrrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrrr! I pull the covers back and reach for my phone on the mini drawers attached to the bed frame, its Sandra. Sandra: “hello! Babe…wassup?” “hey…is it 10 O’clock already?” Sandra: “no its past 9, are you still sleeping? When Shafiat is already on her way to my place” “yeah…I’m not Shafiat


SERIES TWO AUTHOR/WRITER: THE FIFEENTH   Two months later… School’s finally over. Hey mum! I’m a graduate now, not that you’d care, not that you deserve it. Still I made it! It’s late noon on a Saturday, I’m standing at Daniel’s balcony with my earphones in place watching the hustle of Lagosians across the Lagoon…Beep! Beep! Beep!


SERIES ONE AUTHOR/WRITER; THE FIFTEENTH Just one more step, thats all and i’ll be free forever. Or isn’t that what they say? Death frees us all. I make to lift my foot and for some reason it feels so heavy.I stare down at my foot but all I see is the ocean, wrapping its cold

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