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Words I run out of to describe this, Life! we acknowledge is unpredictable Yet, we keep on anticipating what would take place next An exit we sometimes seek out of this maze Indeed the events never seem to amuse the creator Truly death is an anticlimax that bores our antics Our accomplishment this man envisage


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA   This world if full of darkness, the darkness is deeper in some cases while lighter in some. The most painful thing that can happen to man is expecting so much from a person. This story started 12 years ago, when my mum died and my dad decided to move to my


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   Saturday was one of Tom’s best days. He gets to be free and he loved been free. Today is special, he gets to be free and have fun. If he hits the right tabs, it could be more fun. He could be getting laid. He started his day cleaning his apartment. Cleaning


AUTHOR/POET: AKINYEMI SODIQ   Stories we have been telling Indeed stories we all have been told Looks like we are the story A calm state of utopia we anticipate Indeed the state is calm, full of stories of predicament The politicians polish the story they tell to the artisans In order to make them partisans


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA   “Good morning baby”, my husband said to me. “Good morning love” I said back to him. I immediately checked my phone and I realized I was late for work. I immediately jumped out of bed while I rushed down to the bathroom. This has been my whole life since I got


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA   If someone had said I was going to make it this far in life, I wouldn’t have believed it. Who would have thought amidst all the pain, sufferings, tears, sorrows and poverty, there was a gold who was waiting to be discovered. I was the gold and all God wanted was for


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   I can’t agree less with you Charles. You see that girl is very beautiful. Her skin is smooth and light, her bum will make any man lose guard and her chest is heavenly. Tell me where you found such girl!” Tom one of Charles closest friend said to Charles. Tom had visited


Author/Poet: Bhayor   In my country Where the sun shone on my forefathers Hands drenched in the White’s farm Clothes soaked in the labour of my heroes Trembling at the whip and voices of their laborious masters. In my country Where the Clarion call gave us strength Faith gave us freedom Freedom brought us peace

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